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Hey everyone, I'm new here.

My specialist area is copywriting so I thought I should start by sharing some of my top tips when I'm writing blogs.
  1. Keep it simple
  2. Stick to the point
  3. Make it eye-catching (even 1 strong feature image will do)

Does anybody else have some core blogging principles they live by?
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    Great idea
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    I recently started blog writing and found out the hard way that it was a lot more challenging than I thought it would be. Although not impossible if you work through it.
    But in my experience I agree.

    Sentences need to be short.
    Keep the main ideas simple.
    It has to flow. together
    There needs to be visuals.

    That's what I think.
    But I also think quality overrules quantity in the blogging space.
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    add one more thing to your list, it should be "value added" :-)
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  • Only one important question you need to answer:

    What makes YOUR blog different?
    You Know the Way Sometimes You Just Haven't a Clue What
    to Write About in an Email, or a Blog Post?
    This Should Help
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    Don't write large paragraphs of text. It's not an essay, too large of a paragraph and people will get bored. Break your text into shorter and easier to read sections.
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    Writing a blog is very difficult work but you may write a blog very easy way .
    select the topic
    Divide into multi headlines
    write in 500 to 700 words
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    I usually go a different way when planning my posts out, generally a simple process.. So I will get the topic name do a quick intro and let the readers know what I am going to give them in the article.. Breakdown the main body as in all the bells and whistles and what not, then I will wrap it up with a conclusion as to where my thoughts lie on the topic! But always give value where you can!
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    Unique value added content reigns supreme for blogs for sure, but that also needs to be balanced properly with quantity/frequency. Some topics require frequent blog posts while others can stand to be weekly. Either way though, it needs to be consistent so your readers know when to expect the next post.
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    A personal connection can make it much stronger.
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    Define Your Ideal Readers
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    Keep heading for the Blogs
    Add keywords for the topics basis
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    Here's a few more...

    - Write article titles that hook people in, and that imply some kind of a benefit to the reader. (The "What's In It For Me? Why Should I Care?" factor.)

    - Don't make the article look like an essay. Use short sentences and paragraphs. As I say: "Make it easy to read, and LOOK easy to read."

    - For blogs associated with products, in each blog post, aim to make at least one point that moves readers closer to where you want them to be. Example: You're selling a "Learn The Piano" product. Write an article giving the sense that "learning the piano is easier than you might think."
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    Make it simple yet catchy, and informative.
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    Use of sub-heading and try to clarify the topic in the first paragraph you also be a good practice in that case.
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    Using relevant keywords in Title TAG and URL.
    Unique and Easy to Read Interesting Content including; images, quotes, videos.
    Internal Linking.
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    Quality above quantity indeed. A blog post needs to be engaging for the reader, so build it up with an intro, a middle and a conclusion. Use short sentences (as has been said before) and don't forget proper headings (H1 / H2 / H3 etc) to make it easy to read. A reading progress bar or "minute read" indication urges people to read imho, though I have not hard evidence for that.
    Humour is also very important, in my experience it is used less and less because we are so afraid to offend people, but it is a powerful way to engage your reader.
    I always try to find some kind of long tail phrase to focus my post on, and then weave that and parts of it and alternatives all through the post, but not too much (my keyword density is very low, I write for humans). But I do use it in headings.
    Internal links (also said before) are important.
    3. Make it eye-catching (even 1 strong feature image will do)
    Totally agreed: my blogs with eyecatching images are read way more than blogs without, and I mean 5 to 10 times as much. For blog posts this even works better than video in my case.
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    You can choose a topic which is largely enquired by the people or on the topic which might pull audience interests.
    Don't make large paragraphs or long sentences. Make it short and crisp.
    Add pictures, or statistics report which will prove your words worthy and true.
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    How to write a great headline
    8 out of 10 people will read your headline. 2 out of 10 will read your rest of the post. Statistics like the 80/20 rule from Copyblogger show that the title determines the failure or success of any material. So how to write a successful headline?
    Let's start with the length.
    The reader perceives the first and last 3 words from the title. Of course, a very small number of titles consists of 6 words. In view of this, it is necessary to make the first and last three words reflect the essence of the post to the greatest extent and attract the reader's attention. Below is a list of high-quality headers that successfully perform their main function.
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    A great summary of what a good blog should look like. Let me add that the heading should be between 40-60 characters. Avoid staffing the blog with the KW. If you are targeting the search engine let the kw appear 3 times; in the first paragraph, if possible in the first sentence, in the middle and the last sentence of the last paragraph.
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    Search your keyword on buzzsumo.
    Buzzsumo will show you all articles related to your keywords "those got maximum shares on social media sites such as facebook".
    Now pick 3 most shared urls from there And try to write your content "better" than them.
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    Hi Paul! Thanks for sharing. Those are actually the fundamentals which I agree on. But of course, we can always put in a few extras to make it stand out more. One has mentioned "value-added" which should also be on the core of your articles. All the best.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    We've created a product that can help with this. It uses a machine learning algorithm to analyze the top ten against your content and shows what Google deems relevant to the search term. We're looking for beta testers, so DM if you are interested.
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