Affiliate Marketing Is like Discouraging

by Miky M
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Hi Warrior's, i started affiliate marking 4 months as an online newbie but i haven't make a single sales guys, i don't have a website but i tried to run you-tube ad my account was short down, i tried to run fb ads but all are rejected, i run google search ad an i have 4k impression and 68 clicks but no sales. i am in business opportunity niche and i was promoting john christani's product, is my niche wrong? is it the wrong product to start with ? which niche do you advise me to start with ? WHAT AM I DOING WRONG ?thank u Warrior's!
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    Start reading and learning

    affilorama, nichehacks, jefflenney to name just a few blogs you can go to. if you go to affiloramma make sure to get their 2 free reports


    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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    The OP is selling a $997 affiliate marketing product - if he can't learn from that I don't think blogs will help. I think a reality check is in order.

    1. no website - why? Too many marketers believe a site is 'too much trouble' or 'too much time' - they want to slap a link up here and there and sell. It doesn't work that way.

    2. You are trying to leverage YouTube and FB and my guess is you are using direct links? LEARN how to use ad venues - know the rules and limitations - to avoid being banned.

    3. You are trying to sell a high priced product - and you don't yet know HOW to sell online. You are trying to sell a product you have obviously not used yourself. You are tossing links against a digital wall and hoping someone clicks and spends $1k. As you've seen - it's not that easy.

    4. Your niche is wrong because you know nothing about it. Why did you choose an MMO product when you don't yet know how to make money online? Why not go THROUGH that course and learn what to do before trying to sell the course? Why not focus on more reasonably priced products in iches that you have some knowledge of?

    Al is right - there are many blogs and programs to teach affiliate marketing...but none of them will help you until you approach working online like a business. You need a plan, you need a platform, you need products you know and understand.

    My advice is to start over - do it right - learn from the many free resources available online - don't try to shortcut everything - and understand selling is a process.
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      I think only High Ticket Gurus can sell high ticket products as an affiliate. They have high ticket buyers lists they got by thousands of failed affiliates sending them traffic for years, that were filtered out.

      I am not saying I am killing it or anything but I only promote low ticket stuff from JVZoo with a deep funnel, and low ticket stuff with multi level leverage as a back end.

      Turn Gmail into an autoresponder, defeat Google promotion tab!

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        i created a funnel last night and i lunch it with G'ads waikup this morning saw 553 impression 14 clicks no sign up. here is the funnel mysiteincom. site
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      is bluehoast $3 or $100??
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    It takes a good amount of time to find the perfect combination of traffic / offer.
    Contact your AM about it so you can definitely sort out what is not gonna work on your niche.
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    Affiliate marketing has two words in it....affiliate and marketing.

    It doesn't matter what niche you are in, as an affiliate you need to know how to market i.e. you need to understand marketing. How to choose the right niche, how to choose the right product or a suite of products, how to set up your lead capture, how to talk to your leads through your autoresponder, how to get leads i.e. traffic, knowing how to advertise on different platforms (rules etc), setting up your hub/your website and knowing this is your true real estate online, knowing how to convert your leads into sales in the back-end.

    Leads + Conversions = Sales. Very simple formula but there's more to it under the hood.

    complete affiliate marketing blueprint
    access training webinar

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    I've been promoting affiliate / CPA offer for over 18 years. However, I do things differently than most.

    I heavily promote PPL (pay per lead...lead generation) offers. This is because there is no credit card / purchase required to complete an offer. All a user has to do is fill out a form, so conversion rates are typically much higher compared to offers that require a sale to be made.

    I favor offers that have a make, get or save money benefit to them, as they have overall worked the best. They also tend to have the greatest mass appeal (will be of interest to a large general audience), so the potential exists to produce high volume and they are fairly easy to cross promote on the back-end.

    Some of the verticals (niches) I have done extremely well with are: education, insurance, loans, debt, credit, mortgage, assistance, discount offers, homeowner offers, etc...

    The bulk of the PPL offers that I promote pay $20-$40 per lead, but I also promote offers that pay more and less. You don't want to get too caught up on what an offer pays because how well it converts is just as important. For example, if you have an offer that pays $9, but if it converts at 2X or more of a $20 offer, then it will perform about the same or possibly better. At the same time, if you have an offer that pays $90 and it converts poorly, it may not even be worth promoting.

    I have also done just as good with dating website sign-ups and pretty good with free trial + S/H offers. I also promote a very limited number of offers that are straight sales. For them, mass appeal is still the number one thing I look for and I also look for one of the following...

    1) The product is new and/or novel-unique and you can't purchase it locally or even something similar. I don't waste my time with it once something similar shows up in Walmart.

    2) The buyer can truly get what is being offered at a decent discount.

    3) Solves a house is on fire type problem.

    However, I mainly promote non-PPL offers on the backend.

    Bottom line, it's far easier to get someone fill out a short form than to get them to pull out their credit card and make a purchase. So why struggle with trying to sell this or that, when you can provide free information that users want/need and get paid well doing it.

    Something to think about.
    How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
    20+ Years Exp . . . . . . . . . . . . Email - CPA - PPL
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      I Diablo, with ppl do you build an email list?
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        Originally Posted by Miky M View Post

        I Diablo, with ppl do you build an email list?
        Yes, I actually promote PPL offers 100% using email. Again though, I do things quite differently than others.

        I drive traffic and build responsive email lists by acquiring different forms of email data.

        Fresh / targeted 3rd party data, which is email leads of users that have shown an interest in a specific PPL niche or offer and have given permission to receive messages from third parties. You get the opt-in record of each user and it's 100% can-spam compliant.

        Generate real-time Co-reg, which works by placing an ad for a specific PPL offer on a co-registration network and their publishers display it and users that view the ad can request more info about the offer. When a user requests more info, their contact info is automatically imported into your ESP (autoresponder) account / campaign and they are immediately sent details regarding the offer, along with future follow-up messages. You pay on a per lead basis.

        There is also rev-share data, which is basically 3rd party data (typically fresh / targeted) that you get for $0 upfront costs and you split the revenue generated from sending it with the data provider. Those that provide rev-share are typically just aggregating the data and aren't marketers and provide it to those that know how to monetize it.

        So with the above, I am getting fresh / targeted leads specifically for the PPL offers I'm promoting. However, they are not typically as responsive as a high-quality opt-in list that you build yourself. So to compensate for this you need to work with higher volume. This is not a big deal since the cost is much cheaper and highly scalable compared to traditional list building methods.

        When mailing, you want to skim off the top any fast-track conversions and then for long-term success, you want to always be collecting your opens / clickers, segmenting and removing unresponsive users...converting the leads from quantity to quality and into responsive lists. Which you can then also cross-promote other offers on the back-end.

        So basically the real reason I promote PPL offers because they provide the path of least resistance to generating conversions / $$$ and converting the data into cash producing assets.

        There's actually more to it than it sounds, but done right it can be extremely profitable. Everyone that I know that is in the business and knows what they are doing, for the most part, does 6-7 figures. While that's a huge range, much comes down to one's ability to scale and effectively build / manage the infrastructure needed to scale.

        Once you have experience, you can also find companies that have opt-in and/or buyer lists that do little with them or nothing at all via email marketing and help them fully monetize their data. These are mainly companies that call all the users and or don't know anything about promoting affiliate / CPA offers. This requires more work because you have to find the companies, wherewith the other options above it's easy to get access to the data. This is what would be considered 2nd party data, as you manage the companies data and monetize it for a percentage of the net profits generated.
        How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
        20+ Years Exp . . . . . . . . . . . . Email - CPA - PPL
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      Hi Diablo, where do you get this PPL offers? I mean, which networks are the best in your opinion to get PPL offers?
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  • Hi Miky,

    It takes time and persistence to succeed in Affiliate Marketing. Please see my recommendations below:
    - Identify a product or service that pays a high commission and ideally can only be bought online.
    - Look for a product or service that users buy time and time again and make sure that the affiliate program pays you commission for recurring sales and lifetime.
    - Set up a website or blog and write articles and reviews about the products and services.
    - While at the same time build your social media presence in Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram - FREE traffic!
    - Build a subscription list and communicate regularly with offers and promotions from your merchants.
    - Only start buying media when you have the above set up, for example PPC ads in Google.
    Good Luck!
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    Thank you guys soon much for the reply and the info as well, if I build a website do I need clickfunnels? Because I constructed some funnels with clickfunnels
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    Affiliate marketing its not easy and it takes time and a lot of patience and a lot of failures and error .I would advise you to use also free traffic like youtbe videos ,start making review videos but bring value to people ,dont make some shity videos just to make people click your aff link .Learn learn learn as a beginer its important to know some basic stuff .If you only see some paid traffic courses from gurus and you start imediatly hoping you will make a lot of money you can be disapointed
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    Start with a niche that has a large enough market to run a profitable operátion.You need to choose a niche where there is a demand and one that you can bring unique value .
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    Hi Milky,

    The most important thing for you if you are a beginner you have to align yourself with an affiliate program that offers the training and mentorship. The best affiliate network to get started with is Clickbank as it is easy to register with and start promoting vendors' products.
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    No, nothing discouraging is there. you can make money through affiliate marketing. Good money. And, yes, you can even make money while you sleep.we're going to make you how to generate passive income with successful affiliate marketing.
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    The main thing is putting in the work. When you think you have done enough you need to do about 10X more.
    When you think of it this way it enables you to blow past other marketers learn faster and put out more content and more work then the next.

    There is good money to be made in affiliate marketing, set up your business, have daily task, attack attack attack

    Affiliate Marketer, business builder and Content Creator >Grab My FREE Internet Marketing Profits Book Here<

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    Miky it must be discouraging to go through all that and earn nothing at the end of the fourth month. But look, if you are using the wrong strategy, you will not succeed in IM. Also, doing things the same way will not earn you money online. So my dear, go back to the drawing board. First, start a blog and develop it. Ensure it has a sizeable number of followers before you start promoting products on it. For Youtube, it is important you play by the rules otherwise your account will look spammy and get shut down.
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    If you are still new then learn. Read more topical literature. Better sign up for a seminar, then you can improve your skills. And you can start earning money, but also don't hope for a big profit right away. Everything takes time.
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    If that is all you really did and nothing more you really should give more in that directions, 68 clicks is simply nothing to make any assumptions anyway, you need to study your lander and a lot of other things to make it happen really. So be much more persistent and so on
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    you just need to learn more and more everybody struggle in the beginning its not easy . i have some problems but it take little time god bless

    Make Money Online Now: The Simple Strategy That can make money online ,affiliate marketing

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    why is that ,you just had a bad experience for the first time
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    Well you have to go first through the learning process and yes this will take you time and resources. Don't be afraid to risk and lose is part of the game therefore you should do it consciously, don't over spend!!

    I've seen some debate in the threads below if you should have your own site or not. My personal experience say's both. I have seen great success having my own site but also seen success sending traffic directly.
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    First things first - get your website up and running.
    Then use a mix of social media, content marketing and a modest Googe ads budget - and over a few months you will get quality traffic

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  • hi, bro do you know in Affiliate marketing 95% people fail due to this reason. You should focus on traffic only,means you should only find ways to generate free traffic like- YouTube, blog, . If traffic come affiliate marketing will work.!
    Thank you
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    Hey Mikey.

    I was exactly where you were 4 years ago.

    The fact of the matter is it takes time patience.

    You need to stick to one thing until you get great at it.

    If you are good at blogging do that.

    If you are good at video stick to youtube.

    But what really helped me was stopping and learning about how the big guys make sales.

    They build targeted lists.

    And not just by ads, but by creating courses.

    Thats where you get others to promote for you.

    What I suggest is don't do this business when you are in a desperate monetary situation.

    Do it when you can, focus on your family and job (if you still have one if not get one) and in your spare time work hard.

    Affiliate marketing is this in a nutshell. Find a high converting offer. Find where buyers of that particular type of product hang out and friend them. Help them. Share with them the what not the how.

    Hope that helps.
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    First mistake
    Maybe you tarheting wrong audience
    Second you dont have your own website
    Third you didnt get enough traffic to see if it works or not
    Fifth If it doesnt work with 300 visitors try another offer in a same niche!
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    Hi Miky, You are in affiliate marketing mainly to make money which is a mistake because you are focused on outcomes, not the process of:

    - learning
    - studying
    - practicing
    - creating and connecting

    and all the money flows in after you follow those 4 steps diligently. Right now, you're skipping all of those steps and making zero money, which does make perfect sense. Learn. Study. Practice. Create and Connect. Be patient. Prosper.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Quit. Go get yourself a job.
    I'd rather tell you an ugly truth than a pretty lie.
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    Originally Posted by Miky M View Post

    Hi Warrior's, i started affiliate marking 4 months as an online newbie but i haven't make a single sales guys, i don't have a website but i tried to run you-tube ad my account was short down, i tried to run fb ads but all are rejected, i run google search ad an i have 4k impression and 68 clicks but no sales. i am in business opportunity niche and i was promoting john christani's product, is my niche wrong? is it the wrong product to start with ? which niche do you advise me to start with ? WHAT AM I DOING WRONG ?thank u Warrior's!
    Affiliate Marketing can be very discouraging, but at the same time, there are many ups.

    I think to start, can you share more details on what you've tried?

    From reading what you've posted - I personally think you're first step is getting a website. Yes, it's more work than direct linking but it's really important.

    A website should also help with your Facebook Ads being rejected.

    But, to really help - we would really need more details on what you have tried down to the smallest detail. What strategies were you using? How many variables did you split-test, etc.
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    Don't stop learning. Always learn more things in your free time. Back when I was starting out, I was never able to make a sale in 1 whole year. I failed on a lot of things but I never really gave up. I asked around, became friends with people who understand this niche and slowly, changes begin to happen. Hang in there.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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