New Landingspage: Problems with URL structure and Measuring Results

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The cms of the my website *is created by an agency (no WP).

I asked them to create a landingspage. This caused a change in the URL structure. All the URLS include "main". To clarify, first an url such as was indexed (and visible in Google). This is how it should be. Now is indexed. To clarify, due to the change, "main" was added in all the URLs* (I think they added an extra level) and They added a canon tag on all the urls with" Main". *As a result, The original urls are not indexed anymore. *I was not happy with the URL structure and suggested 301 redirections (from the URLS with "main") to the original urls. That was not possible for them. Their cms have prob. limitations? Now I have also issues with Google Analytics as I see different results for both URLS. I see for instance only results until march for /nl/contact and after they changed the urls I see results for What did they do wrong with the landingspage? How can I fix this?
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