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I have noticed that a lot of default blog-based Wordpress themes set the heading category tags to H3-H6.

What I mean is the headings above each category that might appear on a blog's home page. For example, a news website's homepage might have a category headings like "Politics" "Sports" and "Business" set to H3, then under that it will have the article titles set as H2.

I have seem some themes even set the category heading to H4-H6.

What's optimal for SEO? In my mind, the category headings would be H2, then the article titles would be H3.

But of course, I know very little about SEO at this point.
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    Usually, they would be H1 tags and the article titles would be H2 or H3. It really isn't going to make much of a difference, if any, for SEO, though.

    The only rule of thumb is that you generally do not want to have multiple H1s. Of course, if you like the size of H1s better, you can always have H2s with an H1 class attribute.
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