To disavow or not to disavow?

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I have over 4k links coming from a chat forum. They seem legitimate in that they are topical; however, because they are coming from a forum I am guessing they have to be hurting page rank. If I am wrong though this could be a major hit to page rank. Any input would be much appreciated. Should I disavow these?
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    I would not assume that those links are hurting you any more than I would assume they are helping you.

    Worrying about stuff like this would be akin to Neil Patel or Brian Dean or MOZ worrying about unsolicited links they frequently get from Warrior Forum.

    First off, chances are that they are no-follow links in the first place if they are from a forum.

    Second, assuming they are followed (probably not), multiple links from the same place aren't going to be all that more powerful than just a single link from that site. So, whether there is 1 or 1,000, it's more or less the same thing as far as search engines are concerned (unless they are clearly placed there in an attempt to manipulate search results).

    Third, unless it clearly looks like spam that was placed there intentionally by you, I wouldn't worry about it. Google generally ignores those kinds of links anyway, followed or not, because anyone can place those links to their own site or, if it's a bad site, use them to cause harm to a competitor's site. The latest iteration of Penguin ignores them and has made the disavow file pretty useless UNLESS you have received notification in Search Console about a manual penalty from those links.

    Just leave them alone unless you know that they are bad and were placed there by you (or someone else in your organization) in the mistaken belief that they would help your search results.
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    I personally wouldn't worry. If it's legit then why not just enjoy it?
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