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Hello Guys, I need your advice and hope you can help me. It will be addressed for foreign affiliates most of all but any answer will be highly appreciated. I want to register my profile in MaxBounty and as I know that they will call me to ask me several questions. I have my doubts and I don't want to make dozens of accounts, so it's why I came here to ask. I'm not a native English speaker, I can speak and I can write but I can't say that I'm perfect in it. So, will it be a problem? Can I say them directly that? My writing is much better due to I use it in daily life. So can I say to them - guys I'm not a native speaker so, there can be some minor mistake with my answer? I have my skills, so there are no problems with that. I'll be understandable with my speech for sure but still, I think I'm ok, but just don't want to play this role and to lie for them. I know that there are many Indian people and I know that their English is not too perfect too. With my written English, no problems I think. Thanks
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