Website delisted from Google for spam content. Is there a possibility to get it back? How?

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A year ago one of my websites was delisted by Google for 'spam content'. Weird enough, it's mostly MY content, which is usually well written, but hey, they're the bosses.

I deleted most of the articles that I considered to be of low quality and tried to get it relisted. Have redesigned the theme, added more valuable content. Nothing. I keep on getting that response, even if no one actually shows me what articles are not OK by their standards.

Even weirder, after few months the website was copied ENTIRELY by another website and that website, which copied everything (from design to content) was actually indexed on Google.

What do you advise me to do?

Redirect completely to another website? Try to get it indexed back?
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  • What do you use? Wordpress? your content must be relevant, What is your niche? I would think that if you have true content there is no way that google can ban you, call them and ask why they delisted you. If you use wordpress, I have a whole list of things you may do, I have my own blueprint. Some ideas is to install All in one SEO to rank, make a research in every article to be sure that you choose a keyword that is highly searched and low competition, connect as many social networks as you can. That to give you a few ideas

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    The site uses wordpress, it has the SEO plugin. It has about 5 years, good content.
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