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I am totally new to this. I know how to write and I am quite good at it but I am not so hot on the business and industry. I have been in construction buying so I doubt there is any similarities .
Please give me some pointers on how to do the right thing and hopefully succeed. Many thanks guys

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    Writing EFFECTIVE online content that appeals both to Googlebot and flesh and blood human readers takes quite a bit of self-education

    Do a search for SEO copywriting tips as well as online article writing basics and other related search terms to get you going

    You might want to start a TESTER site to dump all your online writing experiments in
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    Hi Martin, you might also want to look into fiverr, freelancer and upwork. When I was starting out that's my go-to place. Yes it did took a while but after I have established myself through experience that's where things got better.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    Martin there are many ways to profit: Fiverr, Upwork....but beginning a blog and opening multiple income streams - including freelance writing income - could help you. Write and self-publish eBooks for passive income. Write posts to gain credibility. Many opportunities for passionate writers like yourself.
    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad at Blogging From Paradise
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    Common question, and we do have a Copywriting subforum.

    I recommend The Well Fed Writer as well as niching down to the audience you can best serve. That way you'll command the highest prices--and "low price does not mean an easier sale!"

    My advice, from work I've done myself, is to stay away from the crowd on freelance sites. Develop your own market. A simple phone call to a marketing manager, consistently applied, will do wonders.

    I was earning $100 for a 600 word technical article back in 2010-11. If you are knowledgeable and can help your clients gain credibility and sell, you can do the same.
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    I agree that great content has to appeal to readers and to Google. I've been writing for about seven years. My biggest tip for you would be to really listen to what your client wants. Talk to him or her, discuss the tone for your article, and ask a sample from the internet so you have a good idea of what the client wants.
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