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I am going to be starting a blog with Wordpress. I can't decide between a couple of content options:
1-affiliate marketing niche website: review "ways to make money online"

2-list website (top 5's / top 10's) no niche just a variety

3-list website (top 5's / top 10's). Within a niche

Thank you
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  • You can't decide because they are all generic, boring, have been done-to-death, and have no originality. At least that's the conclusion I "have" to make based on the little information you have provided.

    It's a bit like coming on and asking if it would be a good idea to create a health website.

    If you're going to do any of 'em, then it's absolutely imperative you have a unique way of delivering the material.

    Just creating a list site, or another review site AUTOMATICALLY puts you waaaay behind the curve. You're so late to the party on those options that, if you don't find a unique way to stand out from the other 95 million websites doing the same thing, you'll find it difficult.

    I'm not one for saying it can't be done, just make sure you bring something new to the table if you do it.
    How to Stand Out and
    Get to Uniqueness

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    If you want to make money online then you can go any niche or general website.

    if you have good content with high searches keywords than you will earn money. Health, Travel, Education, finance and much all have good searches. If you are able to rank website on top 10 position than YOu will earn money.
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    Saying it can't be done is a bunch of poo. I agree it has been done many times before but with the right strategy there is always room to achieve this.

    My advice is:

    The easiest method and one that you can build faster and get more targeted traffic to is the review products website.

    If you do a top 5 or top 10 it will be harder to get traffic organically since many of the articles you will be writing are not actually searched for often. This type of site has the ability to go viral, but you will need to have a great social media campaign.

    If going this route, I would make youtube videos out of each article and focus on youtube to grow your traffic. Also use pinterest.

    Hope that helps.

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    What feels fun and easy buddy? Go with that. Your love of the work is what resonates with readers.
    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad at Blogging From Paradise
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    Why not do all 3? I'm personally not a huge fan of the topics but it's completely up to you. Either way if you are undecided then why not just launch all 3?
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