Make a sale on fiverr with my copywriting services

by Tmat09
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I've been learning copywriting everyday for a month. And now I'm building a fiverr account to start building a portfolio.

Should I focus on a niche in copyrighting?(emails. Blog posts?)

Where should I start to get the most leads on fiverr.

How much should I charge?
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    Promote yourself as you would promote anything else

    Start with a very low price so you get more reviews and attention
    Later when you reach first 10 reviews increase price for a NEW customers and inform old ones they will get the same deal as before!
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    What niche feels fun to you? Go with that.

    As for pricing, get clearer on receiving money. No need to go bottom of the barrel but charge prices that feel pretty comfortable to you so you land clients and earn some bank as well.
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    Well, I'd start at least at what I value my time is worth. Are you really going to work for $5/hour just because other people do it? $10? $15. $20?

    If you were looking for a job in the "real world", what is the minimum that you'd work for?
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    After only one month of learning copywriting and you ask the wrong questions. You need more time learning and when you look back at this discussion you might know what the right questions are. If not, keep learning.

    Suggestion. Learn what you can do for your prospective clients - not what they can do for you.
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  • I like your enthusiasm...

    I'd suggest you study and practice copywriting for a few more months, before you start offering your services as a copywriter.

    Write your own copy for your emails, blog post, lead capture pages and sales pages. Once your copywriting skills have generated you repeated sales online and you know you can duplicate and improve your sales all the time, then you can start to market your copywriting services, at a premium price. You won't even need a fiverr profile to get clients, because your own work published previously by you online, proves itself worthy of the thousand dollar price you want charged.

    If you can write copy five years ago and it still converts prospects to sales today, then you've mastered the art of copywriting. It's similar to an Search engine optimization specialist who has ranked his work in the 1st organic position in the SERPS five years ago, and it still holds the first page position currently. You'll only get featured if your work is better than the average person doing what you want to achieve online
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  • Perfect advert for why we should never pay for copy services on Fiverr.
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