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I have started my internet marketing journey back in 2012 on Fiverr, so i did not have much time for forums. I wanted to meet new people and learn about new business opportunities and i think WarriorForum offers a lot!

More info about me and my team
We are now a successful Internet Marketing Agency, we have 3 companies so far and we operate in 3 different countries and provide services worldwide, online and OFFLINE!

I started my company back in 2012 with my cousin, while still being underage and at high-school. Today, we are a team of 5 members from 5 different countries! Plus, we have over 10 part time assistants to help us with our tasks!

What we do?
We provide all types of services, we outsource, we do affiliate marketing, MLM marketing, offline marketing and everything else you can think of! We basically scaled up everything that I TESTED and earned a few bucks.

I hope to make some new friends and partnerships on WF!
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