Do I used my photo as part of my debut product cover page design or not?

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Hi warriors,

Glad to say that I'm almost at the completion of my first product journey. But here's the thing, I'm quite stuck, not sure what really works. Would it be wrong to use my own photo as part of the cover page design for my product? I don't see most people doing it.

Hint: my platform isn't a personal one.
Please I hope to get a sincere response from you.

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    That depends on your future plans. Do you have a particular expertise? Are you planning to promote your "self" in the future? Do you think that this book will help you in a career or future opportunity? Are you absolutely 100% confident in what you have written in this book? Then yes, put your picture on the cover.

    If this book is simply introductory and you're testing the waters..then I'd recommend you do not unless you look so handsome that no female or male can resist not buying this book! There are other places for a picture of you that if you still feel you want to.
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      Originally Posted by professorrosado View Post

      There are other places for a picture of you that if you still feel you want to.
      Unless you're already well known and recognizable I would put the picture someone on the inside also.
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    Outside of the music industry, I don't know why anyone buying a product would be swayed by what the product creator looked like.

    How would they know it was your photo, anyway?

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