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Hello Warriors! I need some advice:

I'm working on building a few niche websites with friends who are healthcare professionals; medical doctor, dentist and chiropractor. For those websites we will be offering tips and also have amazon affiliate links.

My questions are:
1) since the info contents are coming from them (health professionals), do I need to disclose anything?
2) what do you think about using an alias name or just their first name like "Dr Sam" instead of their last name? One of them don't want his real name out there. Of course I will have info about each doctor under "about" section.

We want the sites to have some authority because the contents are from real healthcare professionals, yet we don't want any legal ramifications.

Any advice would be appreciated!
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    It may depend on what 'type' medical professionals your friends are...but they should check state/federal laws, licensing restrictions and rules of their professional organizations. I would assume they plan to do that or have done it.

    I'm conjecturing but would be extremely cautious.I worked with a veterinarian who had problems with a new and very professional vet site online due to state laws and professional organization rules. He ended up taking the site down rather than risk his professional license.

    Licensing in many professions prohibits license holders from giving advice without full disclosure...can't imagine medical licensing would be less restrictive. Also check Amazon - not sure how they would view a site giving medical advice without listing qualifications. Be cautious and check thoroughly before you commit to the site.
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    Be careful of anything to do with HIPAA compliance. I have many friends who work in the healthcare field, supporting with tech, and see a lot of cases where the clients try to go cheap on compliance solutions. It never works and my friends won't let them.

    You should talk to the healthcare experts themselves, and the attorneys they recommend. This is not an industry for cowboys.
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    I will be very careful with health care industry especially HIPAA Compliance. We have most of our clients we provide email security for. They are from the healthcare industry. They are required to encrypt their communication with their clients. Your question about full disclosure, I am not sure of that. You may want to do more research. Good luck!

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    I am going to second the recommendations of Jason... Health care and sharing anything on the net is not for the average person. If your doctors do not want to use their real names.. I can tell you right now, don't use them. Speak to an attorney - One of THIER attorneys. there are quickly lines that can be crossed, and you really don't want to go there.
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    Thanks everyone for your reply!

    That's what I figured when I had this idea. Looks like there's a lot of legal issues that would make it too complicated for someone with little experience. I don't think I'm going to pursue these niches for now. I appreciate everyone's time. Hopefully this information will be useful to someone else on this forum in the future.
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    This post helpful for me and i will read every comment for update.
    Thanks for sharing.
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