Do I need to make links as 'noreferrer' ?

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I have small WP blog. Do I need to make all links as 'noreferrer' there?
I know that noreferrer blocks the sending of browser referrer. A lot of sites do this.
But for what? And what should I do?
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    I normally don't. But, what would the goal be? What's the reason you are asking? Do you have a concern?
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      I just see 'noreferrer' on other websites and I don't know what their goal is.
      Perhaps this affects SERP in some way?

      Hmm.. How does this protect my website visitors?
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    WordPress started adding this attribute automatically from the 4.7.4 update. In this update, you might have noticed a new attribute rel=noopener alongside the target=_" blank" in the HTML header. This is an attribute that is automatically being added to all the internal and external links when you want to open them in a new tab.
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      ok. thank you, but what is the reason? Is it related to security?
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    If someone arrives to your site from the 'noreferrer' tag, this means that your analytics account won't know who referred the traffic. Instead, this will show as direct traffic.

    The purpose behind the 'noreferrer' tag is to prevent phishing attacks.

    So to answer your question, it's completely up to you. If you want an extra measure of security, then go for it!
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      Thank you. I added 'noreferrer'
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    If you are an Amazon affiliate it is against their terms of service. They are aware that Wordpress has added this and have not cracked down on it but previously, some affiliates lost their business because of it
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    I wouldn't go out of my way to add it nor would I go out of my way to remove it if the platform adds it by default. There are far bigger fish to fry that actually matter.
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