First Affiliate Website...What should my content look like? (And another question)

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(First of all, I was told not to tell anybody my website, but is it okay to tell people my niche?...If so let me know so I can edit this and you guys can understand my questioning more easily)

I watched videos of this guy "Deadbeat Super Affiliate" making an affiliate website and he was using some health product.

I noticed - since he was using a health product I thought that it might be much easier thinking of keywords for him to come up with, and more importantly it would've been easy to "lie" (in a sense) about the effectiveness of the product...I'll tell you what I mean below...

...Okay so let's say my niche is pens, just for example. I want to give a completely honest review of the pens right? Since it's not a health product, I can't just say "It has worked for this person, that person, has a 4.5/5 review on Amazon, etc", and I also can't just "lie" about a product like a pen.

I have to give a review of the pros and cons to be honest...otherwise people coming to the site will start to get the feeling that my reviews are BS. Every pen is amazing? Yeah right.

Additional unrelated question:

What are my limits to what I can use for pictures and reviews from other websites?

As in, can I go to a website about pens and just use their picture of the pen (as long as it doesn't have their company logo watermarked on it?

Can I go to and copy paste the top review? Or would I have to reword it. Etc.

Thanks guys.
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    Bottom line: you should actually had purchased the stuff you are reviewing in order to be "honest" with your review. If they don't see it in your own hand, why would they believe your review while there are others who actually show the author opening the box and explaining the features and writing with the pen?

    About using images: usually, as an affiliate, you are given the permission to use the graphics associated with the marketing effort of the manufacturer or distributor. If it is Amazon, then you are allowed, as an affiliate of Amazon, to use the pictures, graphics, content (including testimonials and reviews, that they publish on their marketing site.

    It should be the same with most but check the Affiliate agreement and marketing policy in your product's case. I wouldn't just arbitrarily use any related graphical assets you find online as these may be copyrighted by their creators - don't assume they are from the manufacturer or distributor.
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