Looking for the best "auto attendant" to qualify incoming sales calls

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I'm currently running a voice broadcast press 1 campaign to generate incoming prospects. However too much time is spent dealing with prospects who do not qualify for what I'm selling. I'd like to route the press 1 to an auto attendant or something along those lines so that an automated system can walk clients through the qualifying process quickly and easily by having them answer a few yes or no questions. Can this be done? Any advice on who or what to use?
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    Well, there may be different views on this but I would risk funnel leakage with a series of landing pages asking a specific question and weeding out the unqualified traffic BEFORE they "press 1". Note: the same can be accomplished on a website using posts with link buttons labeled with their answer and navigating to filtering post questions.

    Another way to implement this is with an answering service where they key in extension numbers according to the answer to a question but I believe that most only can handle one level as in any automated answering service - Ring Central provides a number of "extensions" that can be set to ring a cell or landline or to provide information / record a message.

    These things can also be done on landing pages or landing posts on a website with auto play audio or video.

    I have seen Quiz platforms that allow you to create your own quizzes (polls) and I suppose you can navigate respondents according to their responses but other than these, I have not come across any single solution that fits other than a live VA / Call-in center type of engagement. which you can farm out
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