Affiliate program for non English speakers ?

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Hi guys !

I'm reading this forum since few weeks and I'm happy like a bee working on flowers land to make his best honey Very glad to be a part of this amazing community.

So a little bit about me, I'm from France in some nice city in the Alps where we make one of the best cheese in the world aha ! Professionally I'm into digital marketing nearly 3 years, I'm very curious about everything linked to Growth hacking and want to discover the amazing world of Affiliate marketing. I'm doing some baby steps since a month, taking some informations there and there and I'm now ready for the BIG JUMP yeah !

Right now, I'm starting from scratch, I have no website nothing, so hands free. As you have more experience in this field, will you have some advise, some programs who works well to advise me ?
I will target the French speaking market, so unless it's some easy software to understand I would rather like affiliate programs for French speakers.

Moroever I heard about some programs with 2 levels paid montlhly like builderall, would appreciate this kind of programs.

Thanks in advance to everyone which take time to read me, and answer me

Have a great day !
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