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Hello Folks,

Good Morning. We have a couple of nopcommerce (ecommerce) sites for which we need to improve keyword ranking. For this we have done
the following items till date
1. Added Keywords to categories and product pages
2. Built our sitemap.xml and robots.txt files and submitted pages to google to crawl our website
3. Worked on backlinks/Social bookmarkings and adding around 20 to 30 legitimate per month.

We would like to now move forward and do some advance SEO and need help on the next steps to improve our keyword rankings.
Specifically there are a couple of keywords which we want to move up and wanted to directions on how to achieve that.
Any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you.
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  • Have you optimized your pages (on pages) for the keywords that you are trying to rank for?

    Here are some good on page optimization guidelines to follow:
    Home Title Tag: your main keyword should show up twice here, with a variation of that keyword

    H1, H2, & H3 Tags: these tags are very important(especially <H1>), and should always contain your keyword.

    Keyword Location Within Text: try to place each your keyword near the beginning of the first sentence of each paragraph (maintaining at least 100 words between paragraphs).

    Keyword Density: you should aim for a density of 1.5% - 2.5% for each keyword that you're targeting. Important: You should not have a keyword density above 3% (Google sees this as "keyword stuffing", and rankings will suffer as a result).

    Use Your Keywords as Anchor Text on your page: link to an internal page on your site, and then link to an authority site (eg: wikipedia) that is related to your keyword.

    Images: use the "alt tag" and rename your images to your chosen keywords.

    Decorate Your Keywords: bold, italicise, or underline your keyword at least one time.

    Once you have your site optimized (on page), you should focus on building backlinks that are dofollow, contextual (surrounded by text related to your website/niche), and relevant. Tiered linking is an advanced seo strategy that can really help to boost your site's rankings. Hope that helps!
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      This is very informative.

      I too is new to SEO, and go for at least 5000 links for each website.
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    You'll need to go through the meta tags, descriptions (to get CTR higher only), and also create content.

    It also depends on the way your site is set up. For instance.

    If you have a site over baseball cards then you would have separate pages that go farther and farther in depth on each topic.

    Say you have a page over rare baseball cards, then it mentions why they're rare, then there would be a link to a blog that goes over what makes baseball cards rare. Then if that article mentions the condition is part that makes it rare, then you would have a link to another article (within that same article) that goes over 'how to determine condition of a baseball card.'

    The entire point is to never give the visitor a reason to leave. Because they can find all of the information they'd ever want to look for on your site.

    It's a massive content creation undertaking.

    So whatever word you want to rank for, for example, if you want to rank for 'poodles' you would have a page for poodles, and that would act as your 'main poodle page.'

    Then from there you have like all the basic info on poodles 'breeds, colors, tempers, male/female' and yada yada.

    Then you would delve into each one of those categories super in depth. Essentially going as far as anyone would ever need to go.

    The main point, is that for whatever keyword you're targeting, you never want anyone to have any reason to leave that page other than to find information on a completely different subject.

    Provide visitors as much useful and valuable information as you possibly can on your site.

    Google ranks your site based on its value. It's not based completely on keyword position or how many times it's mentioned.

    If you have a resource that everyone bookmarks and constantly comes back to, Google will take notice. Because when Google sees that people are coming to your site, spending a lot of time on your site, it recognizes that you're and authority figure in your respective profession.

    How do I know? I do this for a living.

    Hope that helps.
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    The secret is getting links from authority sites that are relevant to your niche.

    • Biuld some link pyramid from Web 2.0
    • Guest blogging
    • Blogging with high quality content
    • Get some RSS feeds done and syndicate your content
    • Get your own network of blogs
    • Some paid directories

    A lot more..

    If you don't have any budget for SEO I suggest you focus on some other forums of free traffic which will take time to yield result and require lots of effort.
    Grow your social media account, Spotify Streams, YT Views & IG Followers & More
    Software & Mobile APP Developer
    Buy Spotify, Facebook Bot & IG M/S Method
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    First, I'd find out what a decent backlink is. As usual, some of the suggestions made here are horrible for getting backlinks that have any effect on ranking and the fact that you mention social bookmarks as part of your linking strategy makes me think that you may be wasting time building ineffective backlinks.

    Head over to Brian Dean's Backlinko blog and also check out his Definitive Guide To SEO.
    Signature - FREE TRAINING - Learn How to Build Your Own eCommerce Website
    My PROVEN ecommerce process, as seen on: Fox Business News, the NY Times & Flippa
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      that's right social bookmarking are long gone...
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    Hello! Images with the name of your product. Example: goldnecklace.jpg
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    Understand SEO in its simplest form. ...
    Listen to how your customers speak, then speak their language. ...
    Provide insanely useful content. ...
    Give your website a check-up. ...
    Check out who's linking back to you. ...
    Get listed! ...
    Take care of business: ...
    Create less, promote more.
    Track your progress
    Don't dawdle.
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    I will suggest you to read the on-site blog of backlinko where you can find all the answer of your question in detailed.
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    Earn your back links.Buying back links is a cheap tactic to get traffic and will get you penalized.

    Do away with the other sites and focus on 1 .Focus on producing engaging content to drive traffic to your site.

    Thirdly ...keep it simple .You are getting in way over your head.

    Focus on the basics of SEO first.

    Use keywords in titles and image
    Use keywords and synonyms in your post
    Use header tags
    Use keywords sparringly
    Get good domain hosting
    Compress your images
    Do not write thin content
    Syndicate your content
    Repurpose your content
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    If you want to optimize your eCommerce website and want to rank your website on google. Below is some important SEO aspect you need to follow.
    1)Add unique title and meta description for every product pages and don't forget to add the keywords on the title and meta description.
    2)Add the descriptive product description on every product pages.
    3)define the alt tag for every product images
    4) Add H1 on every product pages.
    5)Use proper interlinking
    6)Add some USP(Unique Selling Point) to your website.
    7)Highlight your price
    8)Use magnification glass for the products
    9)Add review section for every product
    10) Post at least one web blog every week.

    For backlinks
    1) Guest blogging
    2) Web 2.0
    3) Article Submission
    4)Social Bookmark
    5)Forum Posting
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    Check below things on site

    1. Implement Schema
    2. Improve website speed
    3. Target Low Difficulty & high volume keyword.
    4. Implement Keywords in H1 and H2 tags
    5. Try & test different meta on a regular basis.
    6. Check competitor's meta on your targeted keyword.
    7. Improve Image SEO
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  • On-Page SEO refers to all the internal things that you can do on your website to help you rank higher. On-Page SEO is the most effective ways to increase your page ranking and Brand Exposure on search engines. We can do some activities as-
    - Update Page Titles
    - Meta Description
    - Meta Tags
    - URL Structure
    - Body Tags
    - Keyword Density
    - Internal Linking
    - Image Optimization
    - Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml
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    It's a nice vignette of SEO
    read more about SEO and it's benefits
    Thank you!!
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    Right now, thousands of people are looking for content just like yours. You can help them find it by becoming an SEO expert, Google's algorithms are constantly updated so it's important to stay tuned into the latest news, there are several advanced seo techniques one can use to rank up the content such as -

    1.Complete an SEO Audit on your website
    2.Create SEO optimized landing pages
    3.Link to external sites with high Domain Authority
    4.Use multiple keywords in SEO page titles
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    Maybe I'm misinterpreting the question. I read this as "could someone new get the same results as someone who's been around?" I think the mention of "tool" was a beginner's mistake - thinking that tools like those mentioned are necessary.

    SEO is largely self-taught. There is a lot of reading to do to. And there is the knowledge that only experience can bring. I think getting great rankings is possible if there is a determination to do it.

    An expert won't have the learning curve. I think a newbie can do as well as an expert, but possibly not right out of the gate.
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    Onpage SEO play crucial part when it comes to eCommerce SEO. If you have strong onpage implemented on your ecommerce website, you have more chances of getting your pages ranked higher on Google and other search engines. So you need to focus following aspects of onpage SEO for ecommerce site -
    1. Tagret Keywords - Placement of the targeted keywords should be at the beginning of tags and on the page content. Use them in acnhored texts to boost your SEO but make sure the placements should look natural.
    2. Duplicate Content - Your site should have unique and high quality content. Use canonical tags wherever needed.
    3. Product description - The product pages must have an attractive description with the keyword in the first paragragh of product description. Also, provide every possible information related to your product such as manufacturer and other technical specifications of the product.
    4. Product Images - Images play vital role in ROI of your ecommerce business. Attractive and high quality images tend to get more attraction that may result in purchase. They also appear in Google Images results. Make sure to use relevant keyword rich alt tags for the images with optimized image sizes.
    5. URL Optimization - Relevant keyword in the URL make huge differnce in understanding what the page is all about. Search engine bots as well as people reecognize pages from their URLs. It help search engines to index them easily.
    6. Broken Links - Many a times, ecommerce websites dont update their pages regularly that results in creating brokne links. You must run regular crawls to detect whether you have broken links and fix them up at the earliest.
    7. Site Structure - A good site structure help visitors and search engines navigate through your website easily and encourage visitors stay on the website for longer period of time. Use breadcrumbs in your site structure.
    8. Site speed - This is a big issue of ecommerce websites. If the page load time increases, bounce rate are tend to be higher. Make sure that your website page load is under 2 - 3 seconds.
    There is more that we can discuss on ecommerce SEO. Offpage part has been answered by experts here.

    Want to Future-Proof Your Online Business? Make Your Website SEO Friendly. Click here ->

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    You have not mentioned your niche or the target audience so writing a generic reply. Hope this helps.
    One common mistake which is made a lot of eCommerce website owners that they use the product description provided by manufacturers which is used by other sellers as well. Since the content is duplicate, website does not perform well. If you have lots of products then It might be daunting to write description for each produc but please re-write and try to map out right keywords before writing so that you can use the keywords in description as well as title. It will help you a lot.
    Try to make the title like Amazon product page: Product name, brand name, color, any other specification.

    Make sure don't target same keywords on multiple page otherwise pages will cannibalize each other and confuse search engine.
    You said you are making 20-30 links. I guess you are making links from free website. Don't do it. Instead focus on high quality link building. Contact bloggers in your niche and try to get featured.

    SEO Corporation specializes in GMB Optimization services & Guaranteed SEO Services.

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    The main task is meta tags. If your meta tags are good and stuffed with keywords then you don't need to do more efforts. Just make your meta's carefully and do promotions of the keyword which you want to rank on 1st SERP.
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    meta tags, I belive are good, I need also a plugin for wordpress to do that good

    “ The future is not in the hands of fate but in ours. ”
    — Jules Jusserand

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    Your URL helps Google understand what your page is all about. That's why you want to include your keyword in your URL. A recent analysis of 1 million Google search results found that short URLs rank best in Google. It's no secret that you should use your keyword in your title tag. But not as many people know that WHERE you put your keyword matters. Specifically, you want to put your keyword in the front of your title tag. Google puts more weight on the first 150 words of your page. So make sure to use your keyword once here. Unfortunately, Google is really bad at reading images. So to help them understand your images, you want to optimize your image alt tags and filenames. So instead of using the same keyword 1000 times, use synonyms and LSI keywords. LSI Keywords are terms that go along with your main keyword. Make sure to link out to 5-8 authority sites in your article. And those links show Google that my content is well-referenced and trustworthy.
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