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I am a total beginner with affiliate marketing. How best to build my own website? And I have limited knowledge of computer usage. Please let me explain.
I have built a subdomain website. Have added several different pages with Amazon Products and Commission Junction affiliate links. Via my website, I have attempted to promote these pages with the SEO option listed on my website. Thus far I have not, to my knowledge, ranked at all with Google. And of course, I haven't made any sales.
I have seen where I need backlinks to rank high with Google. I don't even know what a backlink is let alone how to obtain any.
Any one willing to guide me along for free? I live on a fixed income. That's why I'm attempting to make money online. I must make money before I can afford to invest any.
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    You asked a similar set of questions last january - and had some very good answers. Your responses were a problem as you kept asking different questions through the thread. Re-reading those answers might help you now.

    It's unreasonable to expect others to give up time spent on THEIR business to help build yours outside this forum.

    The info you need is on this forum - you need to learn to use forum search function to find relevant tutorials/threads.

    You clealyr are trying to accomplish something but may need to go back to basics and learn one step at a time. Don't jump from one thing to another.
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    I think sub domain is not working as much .
    as a main domain do .
    in other words acutely domain or sub domain is not as much important its an audience why they came to your page , and why they make a purchase from your link how much trust they have on you . even when you have traffic in hundreds and they know you they have relationship with you so they make some purchase

    ican't explain as well as I was thinking to do but I try that the point '
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    Hello Skiptech, I am not sure if this is really going help you here, since I am not an expert at building your own website.

    But I do marketing strategy online and offline for small businesses faster growth.

    To earn money with your own affiliate marketing, I recommend Clickbank (Amazon is good as well of course) to access.

    Plus there are multiple marketing strategies to make money with your own marketing online.

    Enjoy your own Success!
    Dwight Harrison
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