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Hi, this is my first thread so nice to meet you all!

I've always indulged myself in web designing and started to read a lot of digital marketing stuff. So, I want to start my first microniche ecommerce store in a few days,but I'm still not sure what Facebook ads strategy to employ.

Ive heard that directly selling your products is not a good idea and its better to get leads to your email list through brand awareness. So, I am hoping that you guys could tell me what I can offer to get higher leads per impressions and how long should I leave the ads before I can start email marketing it(maybe your personal rule of thumb)?

And what is the average cost for instagram influencers?

Thank you very much!!!!
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    "Bolding" your keyword phrases is not a good idea here...you are asking about 9-10 different IM topics.

    Use the forum search to find relevant threads that answer/explain the basics of email marketing, direct selling, social media exposure, etc - to better define your questions.

    Due to the current pandemic I will no longer be shaking hands or giving hugs. You may wave, bow to me or give me the finger...your choice.

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      Thank you for your input, I'll take note of that, I did this because of the long questions, I'll post a new feed that better focus what im asking.
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    the general concept of e-commerce is to sell products. ads that brand vs ads that sell... think about that for a moment.

    so WHY I believe the general consensus is to use facebook for branding ads. Its because most people FAIL at selling on facebook.

    The secret... actually create ads and sell only ONE item. DO NOT link to the home page of your store. If you are selling guitars pick X guitar create an ad for X guitar and send that traffic directly to a page the sells X guitar. its not hard, but more often than not, not followed.

    Hope that Helps!

    An added... I sell physical stuff.. that is specifically my specialty. I DO NOT try and build mailing lists when I am selling X Guitar. Its just as easy to get people to enter their e-mail as it is to have them buy one... and when I do get an e-mail ( because they bought ) I now have not only the e-mail, but an e-mail that BOUGHT something. AKA a buyers list, which is the true golden ticket in e-mail marketing.
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    One of the facebook ads marketing campaign objectives is Lead generation: Collecting Lead information to interested users
    Facebook has a custom advertising audience that can import emails from former buyers and resell your product to them.
    Either way, study facebook ads. Start by learning about your competitors' facebook ads. from bigspy
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