Instagram or Facebook - which is more useful for you business?

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Hello! I'm new to this forum, so I'm looking for ideas which platform is more useful for your business - Instagram or Facebook? Where the paid ads and posts are doing better and get more engagement?
I know it depends on your business, so please give examples of what kind of business you have and which platform is more useful and profitable.
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    i prefer instagram, for me the most engaged. a lot of people have open accounts. in fb the most accounts are private.
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    Instagram is where you want to focus all your attention, Facebook is turning into the New Myspace(Desert). YouTube is also a major factor.
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    I really think it depends on the niche and target market. For me, most of the stuff I'm working on is doing better with Facebook. But you should always try as many different options as possible.
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    The both social media platforms is owned by one company. The main thing about it is just the fact that you select the one that best suits you business.

    If you have spare time, you can use both at the same time.

    I am a Blogger, web designer, graphics designer and car dealer, I own two websites now. They are and https:/./

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    I prefer Facebook over Instagram since website link can only be posted on IG profile compared to facebook wherein you can add links to every post.
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  • I prefer both Instagram or Facebook account. I think facebook is a better and get more engage with all sector pepole.
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    Why not both? There's no singularly most effective platform, as each has its own strengths/weaknesses. Why don't you sign up for both platforms, and launch sponsored posts for each and get back to us the results (i.e. which has more interactions, etc)?
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  • Instagram is the best for doing business because there are more engagements on Insta as compared to FB.
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    Both Instagram and Facebook are great platforms for promoting your business. Instagram can be a perfect place for posting images of your product and then giving a related caption to it. Short and simple.
    But Facebook has many other features alongwoth posting images you can directly engage with communities of your niche or post ads to redirect traffic.
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