Do You Need an Actual Website to Be a Successful Affiliate Marketer?

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I hear many popular affiliate marketers primarily using the following to successfully promote affiliate products:
  • A lead page
  • An email autoresponder
  • Solo Ads for traffic
  • Youtube Video to show they're 'Human'
  • Facebook Page & Exclusive Group

Especially heading into the large holiday season, do you really need a website and blog for Q4 2019?

Long term, I'm sure you would reinvest into yourself to do it all. But for beginners who are working the make money online niche, would this be the appropriate path to start seeing some cash in your ClickBank account right away?

Lastly, are Solo Ads the best paid traffic source? Or does Facebook Ads and Google Adwords still have significance for this type of marketing?

Thanks as always!

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    Lastly, are Solo Ads the best paid traffic source?
    Probably the worst.

    Do You Need an Actual Website to Be a Successful Affiliate Marketer?
    No, but you need some kind of web presence. i.e. You could have a YT channel and link from it directly to affiliate offers, no website needed. You can use FB pages or IG.
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    You don't need a website to succeed with affiliate marketing, but I think it's much harder to make it work.

    Web 2.0 is effective when it directs the traffic towards a main site. But when you try to sell directly with them, the effort is diluted.

    I don't say it's not possible, but it will take much more effort. And people tend to trust legitimate websites more than something anyone can create for free.
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    I would highly recommend having a hosting account. That way you can set up redirect links for your affiliate links. That way you control the traffic and can easily change a link out if there is an issue/problem.
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    Not realy but it helps .If you master traffic generation then you dont need a website
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    Do You Need an Actual Website to Be a Successful Affiliate Marketer?

    The answer to this falls within defining "Successful". Can you be an affiliate marketer without a website.. I guess so. Can you be a affiliate marketer with a website.. from personal experience the answer is yes.

    Successful as I define it would be in excess of $1000 USD a month. Can you do that without a website? MY answer is I really don't know to be honest, never tried. And to be even more honest, I would have no interest in trying.

    Here is the thing. I build multi platform machines that create sales. A website is a HUB for all my "Marketing" efforts be it Social or Video or guest posting etc. By removing the HUB, you are removing the "Spokes" that bring in the traffic, so you are left with a single effort on a single platform.

    An example: you have a youtube channel and create videos to presell whatever affiliate offer you are presenting. In the description you have a link to buy that "thing".

    So to compare as close to Apples to Apples as I can. I have the same video but have the linking going to a page on my site. And maybe a Facebook post going to the same page, and a IG post linking to the same page ( I wouldn't actually do this per se I prefer to send outside traffic to separate pages for tracking purposes ) So basically 1 offer using a multitude of platforms to bring the traffic to create conversions.

    So its not that it cant be done... but which model over time is going to be MORE successful? So a more realistic answer becomes Yeah maybe you can be a Successful Affiliate Marketer without a website, but you can be a MORE successful Affiliate Marketer WITH a website.
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  • Ideally, yes you are going about this the correct way.

    Creating a website would be very beneficial if you wanted to pursue your own brand within a niche. Your personal website can be value driven and its main purpose is to add value to the lives of your prospects i.e. blogs, articles and information.

    The more influence you have as an affiliate marketer, the more power you have to create great success. YouTube video is a brilliant way to increase your influence because people hear your story and they relate to your pains and challenges.

    Solo ads are very effective when you have targeted an audience that is directly aligned with your product or service. You'll definitely waste tour time and money if this is not the case. It all depends on you as a marketer, some strategies work very well for people, but at the same time doesn't work at all for others. Just experiment a little and see what works for you!
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