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Hello guys, massive shoutout to this platform for bringing masterminds together.

I have a question guys and I would love your genius answers.

I have just completed my Ebook, its a self development book and I am convinced it will impact lives. I made it as relatable and practical as possible for upcoming online entrepreneurs.

Hence, I have been studying about Ebook sales lately and I kind of have a mixed view about actually making good sales on your Ebook.

So guys, please tell me, What are the best possible ways to market my ebook to generate sales, and most importantly get it into the hands of those targeted audiences. I am convinced the content in this book will help alot of people out there.

This is my first book, and to make some earned income from it would be a little motivation for me to work on my other ideas.

So guys what do you suggest I do? What is the best option for me as this is my first product, (although very helpful in terms of content) but also, I need to make some sales to cover cost.

Thanks guys,
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    Hey Kemezie,

    When I hear someone offering an "ebook", I never ask myself how much are they selling it for because these days ebooks are given out for free as a lead magnet to bigger and better things down the road.

    You can charge for an ebook, sure. However, if you're coming online to make a name for yourself, starting out with an ebook for sale, I'm not sure how well that will fly.

    Once you target your niche of upcoming online entrepreneurs, give them free content that shows them you know what you're talking about, build an audience, then maybe you can make a few dollars from your ebook. Maybe.

    Would you buy an ebook from someone just coming onto the scene with no proven track record as an entrepreneur who is writing advice for entrepreneurs?

    If you do have a track record, then you need to exploit that before you start trying to make money from this book. Tell your story so people can relate, and then explain why they need your book.

    Ebooks for entrepreneurs are not a dime a dozen - they're a penny for a thousand.

    Target the right people. Build your audience. Warm them up to you. Give them free content. Then introduce a product for sale.
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      Got it. Thanks.
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    Giving them free fist is a good thing.
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    So here I am outlining to you the Best strategy that has resulted into hundreds of thousand of dollars selling ebooks.

    Create a funnel for selling this ebook, give away the book and let the customers pay for shipping and handling. Have a great story to tell to your audience that will make your buyers get the book. Note DO NOT start telling the story what the book is all about but make an epiphany story that your audience will relate to. Who are you, what have you gone through, what changed in your life, what can change in someones life, what has already changed in people life. I hope you get my point.

    Create an irresistible offer, every body sells books but for you to stand out give away something that no one else can be able to deliver. if you are a celebrity, mention you will sign on the book, Maybe you will also give away some other material like a video, maybe you will give your measured time. And so on.

    After the purchase get people to buy from you a course, paid video course or a webinar that will sell them a course.

    Hope this is helpful.

    By the way if you haven't I high recommend you take the OFA challenge.

    Thank You

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      Thanks for your insight, was indeed helpful. You mentioned giving out the ebook for free and let them pay for handling and shipping? do you require handling and shipping for electronic books? also what about sites that sells digital products like ebooks.

      I will take a look at the One Funnel Away challenge.

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    No - you don't charge shipping and handling for an ebook...

    Did you write the book as a giveaway to sell another product or to brand yourself or your site? If not, why give it away?

    You can perhaps sell it on Kindle if it meets Amazon requirements....or on other ebook platforms....or you can build a site around it and promote it yourself...or add to sites like Clickbank that sell digital products.

    Decide what you want to accomplish with this book - identify your 'target' audience - and promote your book in ways designed to reach THAT audience. if you do end up with a 'giveaway' - be sure to be building a list at the same time.
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    I always build my tribe Kemezie, by creating helpful content and by helping top bloggers in my niche, expecting nothing in return. I then write and release an eBook and my tribe buys it. Works like a charm. Too many authors try to sell to resistant strangers. I sell to loving friends who trust me, so they buy my eBooks. Simple process.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    If your ebook stand out in quality and usefulness,I am sure it will sell but fast route is to offer it free so that you can build some audience for future writing.goodluck
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    You can sell you ebook using different platforms like Amazon Kindle where you can find your target audience. I heard a lot of people making money through their ebooks but not instantly as you still need to market your product and not just purely rely on them.
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    One good idea is to do a planned launch, usually for Amazon (because a lot of the reviewers make money from Amazon affiliate links to your book).

    Plan ahead, contact all relevant reviewers, relevant podcasts (set up a "podcast tour"), blogs, social media channels etc. anywhere which might be interested in your book. There are many FaceBook groups where you can promote your book, for example.

    It's typical to do a low-cost launch, so for Amazon, set the real price first, then reduce the price (such as to 99cents) for the launch . . . that way Amazon marks the original price crossed-out and the discount price beside it.

    Build a mailing-list beforehand, of people who might be interested in the launch, so you can contact them all as soon as the discount launch is available, because the number of sales and reviews you get in the first week or two is significant for future sales.

    On Amazon, if you want to sell your book via other methods, such as on your website, you can do so, as long as you don't join the "select" program.

    Hope that helps.

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    Give the Ebook free or maybe after people subscribed to your email list. But selling it right away will be very difficult.
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