Subdomain redirected to another domain name. Benefits?

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I currently own a short, sweet, and desirable domain name, age 20 years. Lets say (this is just an example)

I have noticed that there are several domain names using the keyword xyz in their domain names.

For example the company Parking Xyz has a website, another company, Furniture Xyz owns, or, Insurance Xyz's website is, and the list goes on.

I do not want to sell my domain name, because I have my own website on it.

What do you think, are there any benefits (SEO, marketing, or other) offering them the subdomain,, redirected, or creating an alias to their primary domain names?

In other worlds, do you see any business oportunity for me here?

Thank you very much for your answers,
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    Sure, there is a business opportunity but not because your domain name is going to help them rank any better for the phrase. The domain name plays no role in ranking for a phrase. You might, however, convince some people that having a subdomain on your main domain is a benefit to them - especially if your domain name ranks well (even though it really won't influence their rankings).

    If you owned furniturecom, for instance, you might be able to sell subdomains for different cities (,,
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    I am thinking to rent my subdomains to these companies, for a monthly/annual fee, if there would be any marketing benefit for them.
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    In the past, I saw 1 property listing website did a smart move is to sell their sub domain to the real estates agent.

    So the subdomain will looking something like this ->

    Hope this will give you some good idea.
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    Using your example... The agent already owns
    The question is, do they have some kind of benefit from
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