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Hello guys, i am beginner in this work, and learning everything about affiliate marketing. I found its an very hard work to earn first dollar. And if you dont have directions (and i ether dont have them, or im doing wong), you can easy lose traction in everything and dont have result.
So, i registered on jvzoo, and i just approved as an affiliate for the first time, and first product, but when i try to promote on some blogs and forums, they removed my affiliate link. Any idea where to begin and where to start promoting, how to find trusted sites and blogs for this.
Please, any help is welcome, and tnx.
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    Affiliate marketing isn't a matter of just posting an affiliate link wherever you can. Why would any site allow it? More to the point, why would anyone click on it?

    Before diving in, take some time to understand the principles of affiliate marketing. A forum search will give you enough reading matter to be getting on with. A general online search, tons more. Find a method that resonates with you and study it carefully - specifically, how you'd identify a market, and how you'd then get yourself and your products in front of it.
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  • I totally agree with Jonathan. One of the biggest mistakes that many new affiliates make is that they go around spamming links in forums, FB groups and comment sections thinking that people will just click on them when they see them.

    But to be successful with affiliate marketing, there is a REAL method to the madness.

    Not only do you need to know WHO your target audience is and where they hang out, but you need to be able to provide enough VALUE to them to be seen as someone they can trust if you're going to a product recommendation to them.

    Then you really do need to learn "Marketing" because there is a psychology behind getting people to give you their hard earned money.

    A good affiliate marketing course will teach you all of the and much more.
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    First of all promoting your links without approval is considered spamming and will get you banned . Secondly and most importantly jump in forums and groups learn,listen,get involved in the conversations but make sure you add value .In other words give people solutions .
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    First of all, you are on the right track, just please man, do not give up , it will be hard but without hard work you wont be successful.

    Afilliate marketing is one of the simplest business model as you can start with zero budget. There are plenty of free traffic sources, but each traffic source have own rules, like you already seen you directly started posting your affiliate link in blogs, you need to know which blogs lets you post your affiliate links, which wont let. Also, you need to write a good and high quality content, you cant just post some useless post with your aff link.

    take a look at these forum threads, these will help you out.

    Your Fav Traffic Method In 2019
    What's the most effective traffic source for JVZoo products?
    Affiliate marketing strategy?
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      Totally agreeable sir, affiliate marketing is one of the most successful business models as it gives an ecosystem to both the affiliate organization and affiliate partners to earn well.

      Along with as an affiliate one should also be quite attentive in placing links on the articles i.e. the links should be placed on the relevant keywords. Instead of just placing the links multiple times like a spammer.
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    well, i think you should consider watching some great tutorial videos from youtube, they can give you a hint. it helped me a lot to get an inspiraiton and
    create my own affiliate program which I have created myself
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    Being an affiliate is like being a salesman. You can choose going to a small and bothering everyone, losing hours and probably not making a single cent or you can try being smart about it. Making your own store, knowing who you're selling to and making them go to you.
    Sadly there's not a one-way to make it work, its all about experimenting, taking many hours and days until you finally start making money.

    Best Facebook/Google and Bing Ad Accounts in Stock

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    If sites are removing your affiliate links, my advice to you is make your own site to advertise the products. You can even do this on Wordpress and you only require small amount of money to upgrade to premium account so you can install different plug-ins to help you manage your site.
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    Short of the long ... Learn about whatever it is you are going to promote.

    Create a lead magnet that is congruent with it and will help to move them towards what it is you are promoting. Create a squeeze page and give the lead magnet away in exchange for them opting into your mailing list.

    With a mailing list, you can follow up and promote additional offers at little cost. Which is key if you want to be successful at affiliate marketing.
    How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
    20 Years Exp . . . . . . . . . . . . Email - CPA - PPL
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    Yeah you'll quickly realize that posting affiliate links is against terms of most forums out there.

    If you want success at affiliate marketing follow this process.
    1. Choose your niche
    2. Find problems in that niche
    3. Find affiliate products that are the BEST SOLUTIONS to those problems
    4. Find warm traffic, meaning people that are interested in what you're offering (free or paid traffic)
    5. Give your audience something VERY valuable for free (which includes your affiliate links in them) from a squeeze page and build your list. (So you're building a tribe)
    6. Setup autoresponder messages to help your list get to know you, like you and trust you while offering more solutions to their problems.
    7. You can also blog and try the SEO game. But it's not needed if you're building a list and have an affiliate funnel that converts well.
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    Greetings, there is a lot of misconception about affiliate marketing especially if you are a beginner and just starting out. Spamming affiliate links here and there will not help you an might even get you banned from many blogs and forums.

    The best way to practice affiliate marketing is to build an online asset, a website, which you can grow over time and will let you have sustainable income in the long term.

    I do understand if you are just starting, you do need some assistance and guidance to cut the learning curve especially that affiliate marketing can be so complicated if you don't have some experience.

    That's why, I highly recommend that you invest in yourself in some good affiliate marketing course which will walk you through step by step in everything you'll need to know and what are the action plan and steps that you have to take.

    A good place to start out is Affiliateverse which contains some courses recommendations.

    I hope that was helpful,


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    As you can see there is some excellent suggestions above. To be successful in the long term you will probably want to set up a squeeze page with an autoresponder and build a list of potential customer.

    One of the standard ways to get traffic to your squeeze page is to use solo ads to get traffic and build your list. Besure you are making use of high quality solo ad providers, as they are not all equal in quality. Do your research. Use the search feature on this forum to educate yourself.
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    There are a few problems that affiliates make when first starting out and this is often what they are taught by those gurus that want you to spend lots of money on their products.
    There are some good points in this thread.
    First and foremost if you are going to promote a product make sure it is something you have purchased.
    Once you purchase make a case study and show how it has worked for you.
    If you use it think of something that will compliment the product and give it away as a bonus if they buy through your link.
    This might be a check list or even a tutorial video. It just needs to be valuable.
    Find where the people that will use this product are hanging out
    Promote your case study in facebook groups and not spam your affiliate link.
    Good luck with your journey
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    Hello well first thing is... Your links are getting took down because you can't just look for any blog or any website and drop your link. If you go around and just dropping links anywhere that is spamming. Most blog owners will take your link down.

    When you want to post your link you should be on a related content site. So if you are in the weight lose over 40 niche, then those are the blogs you should be targeting.

    You also need to leave a good quality comment that relates to the blog post and then your link should add more value to the blog post. Also make sure the blog owner accepts links in the comments. But you are on the right path just be mindful of the content your putting on others blogs and you will be fine.

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    Start learning SEO, start thinking out of box
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    In the beginning ots hard to create a consistent income as you need a lot of content created to give you some passive income .I would suggest you to find a niche where you know something or you have a passion .Then start making money by felivering content .After you choose your noche find 2 or 3 good products in your niche .Start creating content on your blog ,youtube channel ,forums etc .if you dont know too much in your niche try to see other people experts content and transform it .In this way you learn and you create also
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    As others have mentioned, you can't just spam affiliate links everywhere. Try setting a blog or at least some landing pages with some informational content.
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  • Hi, I can completely resonate with how you feel. But like the others mentioned, you need to build credibility and trust with the community. However, ifyou want to see result faster, you would have to go for paid traffic. But it is only a short-term solution as you soon as you stop your paid method, your traffic stops as well. With nurtured traffic, they will also be there.
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    Originally Posted by batko1234 View Post

    Hello guys, i am beginner in this work, and learning everything about affiliate marketing. I found its an very hard work to earn first dollar. And if you dont have directions (and i ether dont have them, or im doing wong), you can easy lose traction in everything and dont have result.
    So, i registered on jvzoo, and i just approved as an affiliate for the first time, and first product, but when i try to promote on some blogs and forums, they removed my affiliate link. Any idea where to begin and where to start promoting, how to find trusted sites and blogs for this.
    Please, any help is welcome, and tnx.
    Well, what niche and/or product are you looking to promote?

    Do you have any idea on how to get started? Is paid traffic an option?
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    Hi batko1234,

    Yes affiliate marketing isn't all rainbows and don't think you can just start posting affiliate links everywhere and make money, when you begin it's especially harder theres lot's of information and you can get overwhelmed and with no direction where to start that's when most people give up.

    First of all everything in life needs dedication, hard work and sacrifice, so you have to have a iron mentality and you will only learn with errors and trials.

    Another point is you can have a job and be hard worker all your life and just get by with minimum salary to pay the bills nothing wrong with that or you can see that you have potential to do what ever you want "work hard but also work smart".

    Your on the right track.

    You can make money with affiliate links via organic traffic (free) or paid traffic. With organic traffic you have to get creative and probably will take more work and time.

    Has other members mention there are rules you can't go posting affiliate links everywhere they will be deleted and you will be banned. There are ways you can by pass this on social media, you can search for groups related to you're affiliated product and post on the commenting section or on the group with something like "You can make 500$ a week with this
    To get a FREE done for you system just do TWO things...
    PM and ask for you're FREE system kit"
    I don't recommend do this the success isn't that big.

    Try creating creating a sales page with a giveaway like an ebbok on your niche write one or get a free one and re spin it and on the ebbok you can put some affiliate links for the other products.

    You can always use paid traffic advertising on social media, websites, google, bing etc... It's the faster method but you can burn your money with errors really fast but on the bright side you will learn and get experience. "you have to spend money to make money".

    When you start it's especially hard to get traffic you don't have an email list, reputation or time in forums, social media etc... basically you have to start giving more free knowledge and good products for free to build up your users (clients)
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    First of all you have to learn about affiliate marketing. Research about your niche & products. And how to choose an offer, how to promote this?
    So many blogs & video courses available on the internet. You have to find out proper guidelines & learn it.
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    Hi batko1234,
    I am a beginner as well and i'm researching affiliate marketing. As a number of people said here, it is against the rules at most forums/blog to post affiliate links. One thing you might could do is post your affiliate link the the footer(if the forum allows it in their TOS and guidelines, though so far most all the ones I've seen don't allow this) and it will be shown in every post you make. Affiliate Marketing can be very difficult to start off but don't give up. good luck.
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