Same Header & Footer for Main site & Sub-Domain is against to SEO Guidelines?

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I have a client site for Ex - Its blog site is

Main website's menu bar is having 50 links, the same menu section with 50 links we have placed in the footer. Which means 50 links in the header and 50 links in the footer.

The same header (50 links) & footer (50 links) we are using for

Below are my queries.
1. Keeping the header (50 links) and footer (50 links) the same on the website will hurt SEO?
2. Shall I need to add nofollow tag for footer links (50 links)?
3. Using main links in the header (50 links) and footer (50 links) of is that spamming?
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    If you look at most websites you'd notice a difference between the header and footer links.

    It is considered best practice to use these two areas as separate areas expanding the usability of your site to the user. Why double on links?

    The same goes for the subdomain and will definitely be regarded by Google as spammy links and duplicative.

    There are links that are "expected" or "appropriate" for the header, others for the footer, and then those that are usually in the sidebar. With most people looking for navigation in the header area (site content) and looking at the footer for administrative and support links, why not stay with that "norm" and appease the search engines you wish to utilize to get traffic with - otherwise, do your own thing and care not for Google (traffic) at all.
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