keywords for beginners?

by trnz
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Need Help with keywords for beginners?
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    asking for - or offering - 'help'???
    Be the person your dog thinks you are.

    Saving one dog will not save the world....but will forever change the world for one dog.
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    Your question is not clear, I think you offering but at the same time, I think you want to know. so must guide me update the question, after that, I will definitely guide you.
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    You are lazy, but I'm in a good mood, so I'll start you on the right path all the same:
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      Originally Posted by DABK View Post

      You are lazy, but I'm in a good mood, so I'll start you on the right path all the same:
      Tremendously every thing, all in, FULLY COMPREHENSIVE Article!
      I'll be studying this one!!!
      Again WOW and Thanks

      Make the world a better place! Spread some Love, Peace and Happiness! Join The Happy People!

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    You can use ahrefs
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    Use Google AdWords keywords or another tool of your choice to search keyword volume competition and cost per click. Secondly focus on writing engaging content and use your keywords naturally in your post. Use your keywords in your titles and images and header tags.
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    Are you asking how to choose keywords or giving a suggestion.
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    Can you please elaborate your question?
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    Whatever search query you type in Google Search Box that is called as Keyword.
    There are different types of keywords:
    Generic Keywords
    Short Tail Keywords
    Long Tail Keywords
    Seasonal Keywords

    There are many tools available for keyword research
    1. Keyword Planner by Google
    2. Uber Suggest
    3. Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension

    Keyword Analysis is very important thing if you are doing SEO of any website.
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  • Use Ubersuggest for a keyword, It's totally free
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    Keyword research is only the main part of Digital Marketing. For the begginers, intermediate and Expert level, we can't ignore it.
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  • Include your main Keyword in your Domain if possible.
    keep your domain sensible to your topic
    Make sure keyword is in Title and in first paragraph
    put Variations of keyword throughout your article
    and write long content packed articles.

    That is how I am starting, I am surely no SEO expert. I am one post deep, but have been researching. Let me know if there are any significant tips I missed or should know about I would love to learn more to further optimize. I can also link to my first post in PMs if you want to critique. I would greatly appreciate any feedback!
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    I use ubersuggest. But if you are looking for content then the best place to go is Answer the public This will not only give you great keywords but will also show you what people are looking for. You can use the ideas for videos and blog posts.
    No matter what you are doing if you find the pain points or solve a problem then people will seek you out to get the answers.

    Ubersuggest lets you put in a website and it will tell you what keywords they are ranking for.

    Best of luck in your journey
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    We determine which strategic keywords should target your website content and how to craft that content to satisfy both users and search engines.
    Keyword research provides you with specific search data that can help you answer these questions.
    What are people looking for?
    How many people are searching for it?
    You will begin to unveil a whole new world of strategic SEO.
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    Go for keyword planner, after all its free..
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    Hello, Thank you for your question. Many times keywords do not mean what they mean. Your process should be able to identify it, but keep an eye out for things that don't line up. For example, many times "industry + listings" will actually refer to people looking for job listings in that industry - not company listings and information. To search for keyword volume competition and cost per click(CPC). Use the Google AdWords keyword or any other keyword you like.

    Best of regard's
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    Uber suggest is the best keyword analyzing tool. You could analyze the backlinks of the competitor to improve the traffic of your site. You could audit your site and get details from it !!

    And the happiest news is its totally a free tool !!
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    Use Semscoop. It'll show you how competitive each keyword is, how many words you need to create and the number of backlinks you need to rank high.
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