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Hi there,
Hope I've put this is the right section.
I'm new here, seems to be some pretty good advice on this forum so thought I'd see if anyone can give me some tips. I want to get more people viewing my website each day and was thinking of maybe doing you tube videos that link to the page. I've never made you tube videos before, is it a worthwhile use of time - has anyone had success with this? I am not hoping to make ad revenue from the videos themselves, just want people to come to the webpage more. [website name removed by moderator - unnecessary to context of thread] We have youtube videos already but thought about changing them to our own content as the current videos are not that great.

Alternatively does anybody else have any other good tips or suggestions?!

Thank you in advance!

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    Yes, YouTube is a great way to promote your website. Create a specific channel, and post great videos there regularly, with a link to your website at the top of the "description".

    You can also use other social-media, along with YouTube . . . create a FaceBook Page about your website, and make regular posts there, and create a group on the relevant topic, promote the group on your page, and elsewhere. Also get involved in other relevant groups, see how other people are promoting their content there, and do so. And put your YouTube videos on your FaceBook Page and Group (and on other relevant groups).

    Then do the same with Pinterest . . . create an account there for your website, post Pins there, with links to your content elsewhere.

    It can help if you have relevant articles on your website . . . there are many places where you can give people useful information, including a link to your article . . . it's much easier to do that than to promote your website directly, although you can find ways to do that too.

    Cross-promote everything . . . promote your YouTube videos on your other social-media, and embed them as blog posts on your site, promote your articles on your social-media, and your social-media channels on your website, etc.

    And of course, do on-page SEO, i.e., make sure your articles are long (the ideal length is 2,400 words, these days), and good quality, make sure you include relevant key-phrases in the URL, title, sub-titles etc. make sure your website has good internal linking, and includes "about", "contact" and "privacy policy" pages, which both make it look more professional to visitors, and increase the amount of traffic that the search engines will send you.

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    Since there are multiple social networks available for use, You can always start with youtube it's a great platform to show your skills, you can use other platforms to leverage your platform.
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  • Hey Eli,

    Definitely use all the social media that you can. I am currently starting a blog of my own and I am struggling big time with finding viewers. However, I only have one post. I have so much to learn still and I am currently using Twitter and I am going to try to join some groups of like minded individuals such as on Facebook groups. My Blog and forum community will be on personal finance so I am planning to look for groups in that area to build relationships with people interested in that topic that I could help.

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    There are a few ways to boost your views. Youtube is great and so are social media sites.
    If you can join forums that are in your niche offer some great content and put a link to your site in the signature like we do here.
    Do some guest blogging on similar blogs.
    You can also pay for traffic using Google adwords and Bing.
    If you have a giveaway Pinterest is also great for getting traffic. Boosting pins on Pinterest has been a great way for me to get traffic to my site.
    Contact businesses in your area and offer them an incentive to put a banner for your site on their website.

    Best of luck
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