How to Monetise a 300k USA Followers Facebook Fan Page

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Hi guys, in the past 2 years i`ve been building a pretty big following for a Facebook Fan Page. I have 300k USA based followers and 340k total tier 1 followers. Any ideas on how to monetise it properly?

I tried reaching out to brands and it works to a certain extent, but i feel like there is still so much potential out there. I tried also with some affiliate products and while i got some sales i feel like it`s not worth it to post them, since the niche that i have the page built on isnt focused on the niches of high converting products from Clickbank.

Thank you for your time
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    What's about your page? Can you share it?
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    You may not want to monetize.

    If you do, think beyond Click Bank.

    - Find relevant affiliate offers elsewhere.
    - Inject them into articles
    - Or make videos around them and direct to a lander

    It depends on your niche.

    What you may want to do is use those 300K followers to help get engagement on YouTube videos. With the right video keywords, they may be enough to help you rank.


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    Try Amazon affiliate products, and/or join networks such as ShareASale and promote relevant stuff from there, since your niche isn't suitable for ClickBank etc.

    Or . . . create custom products specifically for your audience. You can start with easy stuff like POD T-shirts, mugs, clothing etc. then find ways to create other custom products that your audience really wants.

    If you are not sure what your audience wants, then ASK them! Create a prize giveaway to encourage them to participate, find out what they most want, and give it to them!

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    Also try differentiation into targeted niche groups by inviting your members interested in X, or Y, or Z to new X, Y, Z groups or "email capture" landing page email course/subscriptions.

    That way you have fresh "hot" prospects in specific micro-niches ready to take action.

    You can also try a poll to see what your members are really actively interested in and then set up your marketing funnels accordingly.
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