how do I collect emails while selling Clickbank product.

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Hey everyone,
I need some help here, please. Looking for an easy way to collect emails while selling Clickbank products.
What are the steps to do that?
I use my Youtube videos to drive traffic to the affiliate product with the link in the description. Should I have a second link in my description for a free eBook in exchange for an email address or is there a better way around it?

Thanks in advance.
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    Look up list building. The idea is you collect emails then push people to backend offers to make money.
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      You build the email list, then you sell. No while in there.

      If you get them on your list, you get more than 1 chance to sell them. Without the list, you get only 1 chance.
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    Alex, instead of linking directly to an affiliate product get an autoresponder a domain or set up a free blog if you can't afford a domain, and hosting and send the traffic to a page where you review, offer tips etc and get them to join your list then you can send them to an affiliate product. If you tube allows you to put the optin form on your page do that and ask in videos to have them join your list. Since it is a video I would make a really good one that teaches a little know strategy to what ever your affiliate product is and protect that video with a password that they can get once they subscribe.
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    List building isn't that difficult. It's actually very simple. Put up a bridge page or a review page, give away something of high quality and high perceived value in exchange for email addresses. And don't just send your audience offers. You need to deliver value.

    Getting a list is only half the solution. I see so many people who do nothing but promote offer after offer but deliver little if any value. They burn their list out and are always having to replenish. That will cause you to have high unsubscribe rates and low open and click rates. If you're not providing your audience value they will get it elsewhere. Just because they're on you list also realize they're probably on at least 50 other lists too. Stand out, be unique and provide value.

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    What's difficult is learning how to tap into the right audience. One of the most important things any online business person can learn is paid traffic. Forget free traffic. It takes way too much time and effort, Free traffic is usually slow to get going. It isn't scaleable and it's nothing you can control. If you can master paid traffic then making a living online becomes much easier and you can control your destiny.
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    Many Clickbank offers a way for people to sign up to their list without actually selling the product that day. Even though your building a list for someone else your able to leave the work to the experts and if they buy the product via one of the emails you get the commision. If its a program that has a recurring commision than you earn that money for life and all you had to do was promote the offer and have them sign up to their list. Not a bad strategy if your just starting out.

    Later on you can take your earnings build your own list via PPC, paid advertising, etc. And you will have more knowledge as to what works and what doesn't if you utilize Clickbanks tracking methods properly because your allowed to add an id for the offer your promoting in order see where your referrals are coming from. You might want to use a seperate id for each site your advertising on etc.
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    Dont link directly to the offer ,instead build a landing page that you can build with an autoresponder ,then redirect to the affiliate offer .So with this even if they dont buy you get them on your list
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    Clickbank + Zapier + Autoresponder of your choice
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    The answer slightly depends on your niche too, but how is your current method working, is it making money? If it works, there is no need to hurry with list building, focus on perfecting your current video marketing method first.

    It's always good to be focused and learn to master just 1 traffic method first, then add another one.
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    Always, get the lead to your autoresponder and then send it to the sales page. It helps if you give away a free ebook or something in exchange.

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