website adress in youtube videos?

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Where do you put your website adress in your youtube videos, as a watermark or only in the description? I want to drive traffic from youtube to my site. Any other advice ?

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    It could be a webpage, file, or a picture. In the case of Youtube, it is the address of where a particular video is located on the Youtube website.
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    You should put it as a watermark and put it in the description in order to drive the most traffic from YT.
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  • You can add the website address in your videos using 'Windows media player'.

    So you add your website link in the video using 'Windows Media Player', before you upload it to YouTube and add the website address link, in the video description.
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    It should be the first thing in the description so it's visible without clicking the "more" button. You can also add it in a "pinned" comment. You should add a "pinned" comment to all your videos.
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    You could add it a couple of times in the description as well as watermark.

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    Go to about section then you can see link option in left side. Put URL then
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    I was seaching for how to do this.
    Its a great feature to be able to add web address to video. ( Window Media Player )
    As well, include in the description and pin it. Thanks for the tips.
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    Add it to the very top of your video description for starters. Reference it in the video, too if you can pull it off without forcing it.

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    You can always add the website description on Youtube Videos Description, and always mentioned your website name videos name and channel descriptions, You can also add your social media platforms links in descriptions to drive more customers to your social platforms.
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    1. Must in the description, preferably at the top so that not hidden within the read more link.
    2. At the beginning and end of the video
    3. Overlaid on the video throughout, if it doesn't make the video ugly
    4. Always put your business logo in the video, like the logo placement in TV feed.
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    you can add it in the description and also in pinned post
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    you can also add "cards" to your video which can be a clickable link

    just google "how to add cards to youtube video" lots of tutorials available


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    I only use it in the descriptions... but it won't hurt if you add the watermark.

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    Description and the pinned post is the best option.
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    If the url is too long and can't copy and paste, some people can't remember and type out.
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