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by demzo
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I'm building e-store and will have a product in multiple categories.

Example urls (product1):


So essentially I will have a lot of different urls for the same product. The product page will be exactly the same in all cases.

I'm thinking surely this is not a good approach for SEO (duplicate contents).
I'm also thinking weather I should create a single product page and just redirect it to all of the other urls where I want the product to be categorized. And again, I don't think that all these redirects are a good SEO practice.

What would be your solution for this structure? (using the product in only 1 category is not an option).

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    If it bothers you, you can always make one of the pages the canonical. It should have zero effect on SEO, though. The caveat being, if you somehow are able to get good backlinks to the product (usually pretty tough to do with a product page), make sure the links are all going to the same URL.

    There is no such thing as a duplicate content penalty, despite the misinformation you see so often. There never has been. Google will pick one of them as the preferred URL in the rankings if you don't use canonical tags. Either way, they end up on the same product page.
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      Thank you Dave for your help + explanation.

      I am thinking of doing 301s to "the" product page where I would like to get all of the juice to.
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