Social Media Marketing is Effective If....

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Social media marketing is effective in you add real value to your posts. I mean I see people everyday on Facebook groups who are just pushing and pushing different Offers every week and I do not even know how that person is.

In my opinion first step that You need to make is to build a little credibility and trust. For example on Twitter. When your followers see that you are seriously sharing useful content, post educational articles, recorded webinars-not to sell anything right away-but to help others.

In my opinion that will come to you in success.

What do you see folks?
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    Here we come again... post helpful and viral content and you'll be successful.
    It's not that simple... unfortunately.
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  • I completely agree!
    Almost everyone I follow on Instagram is either selling something, or getting me with a free prize promo. Not exactly a lasting appeal when I've never won, but makes me think twice about whether I want to buy from such companies, which can be bad for business.
    If they keep it friendly and approachable, then business is guaranteed to be lucrative and full of traffick.
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      yep I have to agree everybody has the own agenda in the social media platform what I have found is that social media is not what it used to now it seems people are walking away for Instagram and using Tick Tock This is the crazy world of social media.

      I personally prefer to buy traffic that gets me fast results and I am in control how much traffic to order at will.

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    In my opinion that will come to you in success
    How much are you earning with that approach?
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    In my opinion

    Will never get as much attention as 'in my experience...'
    Saving one dog will not save the world....but will forever change the world of one dog.
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      Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

      Will never get as much attention as 'in my experience...'
      I agree to this.
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    All my eCommerce efforts were waste of time with social media marketing. I grown Facebook, Twitter, Instagram followers by the thousands and even after years of testing it proved pointless. Only paid promotion and SEO brings real results in selling physical products. Pinterest is more promising than any other social channel. Of course (paid) Remarketing ads with Facebook has potential. Social media marketing for blogs is another story. Still trying to get there very ...slowly.
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