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So you are a social media rookie looking to boost your recent post about your latest email marketing solution that's gonna put MailChimp on its toes. But if you're not sure how to target your audience, here's a general guide.

Where is your intended audience located? Do they live in the city? Suburbs? Asia? Southeast Asia? US? Texas?

This is segmenting your audience based on age, gender, education, etc. If age - are you more inclined towards baby boomers? Millenials? Gen X? Education - are you targeting college freshmen? Post-graduate degree holders?

Adding interests and hobbies of your audience will make your targeted more relevant. Is your audience inclined in coffee? Video games? Online shopping?

What is your segment's consumer behaviour? What are their purchasing patterns? Do they tend to make repeat purchase? On what device do they usually shop?
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    great post
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    The problem with targeting within Facebook Ads manager is that tens or even hundreds of thousands of Facebook advertisers are all competing for the same audiences. Whenever you setup targeting within Facebook it only shows 15-30 results, the same results that everyone else sees and advertisers are paying higher prices for clicks, getting lower clickthrough rates on their ads.

    Actually, Facebook hides it's very best targeting data which is only accessible to large advertisers or publishers who pay to have been approved to use that data and if you want to get access to that hidden data you need to find the solution on the other side.
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    These are basic details I believe everyone should know about before even running a campaign. Sadly, targeting these days has evolved to include more details options (Bid, Placements, Budget optimization etc...)
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