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Having begun my new Affiliate Marketing adventure, firstly on Clickbank, there is A LOT to learn.

A recurring subject in many of the videos I've watched on YouTube is that I have to have my own website - which makes perfect sense. But what I can't conclude from the videos is which type of website.

Do I need a blog-like website and just have a bunch of articles related to specific products that I am promoting, in a range of different categories- or do I need a specific website for each product? Let's say that I am promoting a product for online guitar lessons. Do I need to have a website only for that particular subject? [link removed by moderator] and then SEO that website like crazy.

Then another website for "How to bake muffins", etc.

I am a frontend-developer, so making the websites is no problem at all, I just need to know which path I have to take
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    If there is a little competition on Google for your keywords related to your product and there are enough monthly searches for this product (1.000+/month), it's better to create a single product site.

    If instead you dive into a niche with a lot of competition such as fitness, from the point of view of the SEO, is better to create a very large site, with many articles, (but all related to fitness); only in this way a website in a difficult niche (such as fitness) will have the opportunity to position itself well on google...
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