What was your biggest hurdle/struggle when you were still learning the ropes?

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Everyone started as rookies, so chime in.

Me, it was quickly evolving from offline to fully digital marketing. Our university curriculum was outdated, and I had to learn terms like SEO and bounce rate on the fly, at work.
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    With regard to internet marketing, affiliate marketing this industry is evolving on a daily basis. However, the biggest hurdle when I started out was trying to avoid the scams that promise the world and deliver nothing.

    If it sounds too good to be true it usually is but after a while, it's pretty easy to spot these get-rich schemes.

    What I didn't realise at the time is internet marketing is a highly skilled profession and takes years of hard work dedication to succeed.

    The biggest mistake that most people make when starting out is the are direct linking. In other words, sending people directly to the product rather than to a landing page and building a list.

    Today the biggest hurdle marketers face is creating targeted traffic to their offer. Once they accept the facts that learning the skills of paid traffic is the key factor.

    For example, Facebook marketing, pay per click marketing, Youtube marketing are the most effective ways to build an online business.

    However, the most important part is to enjoy the journey don't focus on the money focus on how you can help other people

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    It's always a pain when starting off things especially client building but I had my share of trial and errors. Thanks to "Google"!

    Now I have reached a stage wherein content marketing has become my forte and that has allowed me to be a partner of an absolute strong firm with roots since '2012'.
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    The problem that I have is that I always feel like I am behind everyone else! It is so hard to find real help to get answers. I am glad that I found this forum!
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    the biggest struggle was to understand how it works, who I could trust, what is the way to go and where I could really find the best products to promote
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    Biggest hurdles have always been starting up a business, I believe that you should thoroughly know about your business which you are going to start inside out. Everything in the digital marketing revolves around the world of trial and error that's the only way in any element of digital marketing. I started reading free blogs and pdf which I got after the sign in of few sites, one can also apply for free courses which people provide that could contribute to develop your understanding toward that topic. The biggest hurdle is to find out what you need the most at that particular time, if you need knowledge about the topic you want yourself to be perfect in that you should follow the personalities who are expert in that field that is neil patel. SEO is the most tricky part and when you know how it is done that would be the biggest asset afterwords SEM can be worked upon then affiliate marketing and email marketing and so on.

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