Internet Hosting Qestion for Wordpress Websites

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We launched a new website on a Godaddy hosting plan recently. I was told by Godaddy that even though I upgraded from the Economy hosting to the Deluxe, that it did not have enough power to run wordpress and woocomerce type sites because of the server demand wordpress demands. That I would need to upgrade to the Business class hosting if I wanted my sites to load quickly. Google site speed tests show my site loading quite quickly.

Are they trying to upsell me?

We have plans to launch a few websites with them. I am all for upgrading once I am getting a lot of traffic but do I really need to spend $30 a month to host 3-5 stores that get less than 50k viewers per month each?

As with everything, there is a budget. Starting out these websites will make no money. Once I am making money it is easier to justify spending 30-80 bucks a month on hosting. If it is even needed then.

They are very confusing with their plans. I see regular hosting plans that allow "unlimited" websites and then I see wordpress only plans that no matter what only host 1 website.
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