Testing...Testing...Testing-How to Optimize Your Squeeze Page for the Best Possible Lead Conversion

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The reason of this writing is to give some advice especially for beginner internet marketers about Landing Page/Squeeze Page optimization. Many-many times I see and honestly, I used to do the same mistake. In particular novice do it but lazy marketers with decent knowledge do as well: create just one single Squeeze Page to collect Leads for Their Offer promotion.

And believe me this is a huge mistake! A HUGE ONE!!! Why?

Because You leave money on the table and by just doing a little extra work you can double-triple or quadruple your Lead conversion. So, my question for You. Would you like to maximize the conversion rate of your Squeeze Page?
If you do follow these steps:

You have an Offer. Let's say Debt Relief program.
All right first, You create 5 Squeeze Pages at least. You run a paid traffic advertising campaign but since you are in the testing phase you spend just a very limited budget.
On each Squeeze Page You use different Headlines. You do not change anything else!!!!! ONLY THE HEADLINES.

And running a small budget campaign let's say for $100 You see one out converts the other four!
All right. Now You create other Four Squeeze Pages changing the Image. Once again, nothing else!!!

You run a paid ad campaign again. If You can do do not spend $100 if you are on very tight budget!!! Spend $50-$70. You have found the winning page again.
What is the next step? You test the Call to Action Button! You create again 5 pages but at this time you have already the winning Headline and Image on each and just the Call to Action button You test!

You have found the best one. You are doing great but last but not least You admit to yourself that you are willing to put effort into your future success.
Next step check: Testing the background image! In my opinion light colors work better but it is virtually the results testing. Let's say you have created again 5 Squeeze pages with 5 different colors with the winning Header, Call to Action Button and Image.
After testing You have found the winning one!

Excuse me please may I have a question: When you started your campaign to that ONE SINGLE Squeeze Page how much was the conversion rate? What do you say....?
9%? Oh apologize! 13%
And how much is now? What you say/...32%?

Better than 13% not???!!!

All right hold on!!! We have to move forward! No you do not call your friends since the job is not done yet. You stay in front of your computer.
You create 5 different pages again! But know you add a well written SMALL Sales Copy. A few bullet points. And test. Which converts the best and if this Squeeze Page style converts better than the original one! It does! Now you see 36% conversion rate!

Now add a short Video presentation. Provided you can and see what happens. Did the video presentation increased the Lead conversion even with 1%? Yes, than leave it there! If not remove it or try a different, more engaging video that talks about the pain, agitation, negative experiences to which your Offer will be the solution!

Does Your Offer have some real testimonials from happy clients? Add to Your Squeeze Page but make sure you do it in the LEGAL way!!!

Just do what I am telling you. Do at least once!!! And follow the same process for different Traffic channels because the conversion might be quiet different.

Do not believe me if you do not want to to. Virtually I am still new in the Forum and You do not know me right?
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