Five quick social media hacks for any marketer

by WF- Enzo Administrator
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  • Reposting your top-performing content from the last 3-4 months.
  • Unfollow 20 inactive accounts, and replacing them with 20 fresh accounts.
  • Constantly engage on user comments.
  • Make sure your profile image, banners, bios, URLs, etc. are constantly updated.
  • Check your competitor, detailing what they're doing and not doing, and comparing these against yours.

Those are my quick hacks, but of course you add yours. Chime in below!
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    Comment on hot posts about your topic with your insights. If you can sneak a brand name in the post, even better.
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      I agree with you, don't push the comment that will end up on advertising a certain product or service. Sneak in the brand, the comment is supposed to be transactional.
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    ..and always try to provide value :-)
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      Originally Posted by TobiMDD View Post

      ..and always try to provide value :-)
      This is the key! It's all well and good to be posting and advertising (very subtle) products, but it's value that people want.
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    Try to find out what is working best on a particular platform at a particular time and post in that medium. Example, Videos are getting more reach these days on Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest Post more of that type.

    Try to use graphics/Text that captures attention. Example, FB allows to have nice background for your posts. FB also allows to format text to make your content standout from regular posts

    Try to post natively on the platform instead of using automated tools that use same content too. Example, A content snippet need not be same on Twitter & Facebook. When you right it in the users language from that platform, it can get more attention & reach.
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    social media can be automated and this saves time but don't neglect the importance of relationship building
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    You can also run a social media contest. Something that'll be irresistible to your audience.
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    Timing Factor is most important, you can automate your posting with several tools lime buffer, social sprouts, Hootsuite, Statsbrew and many others. you can increase your visibility and engagement on your post
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    A/B test whenever possible, join in on communities, partner with influencers and micro-influencers, run contests, follow trends, create quality video content
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