.nyc vs. .com to rank higher in local search results and Google Map

by Ashiba
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I am new to this forum. I have a few questions regarding SEO.

My website uses .com extension and it has pretty good Google organic ranking, but I want to rank higher in Google Map results. I heard location specific extension is beneficial for local search results ranking, so I just purchased .nyc extension.

So for example, if I own My Name Catering, Inc. with my full name in the business name, I made https://www.mynamecatering.com (made-up address)

I newly purchased mynamecatering.nyc with the location specific extension, expecting to rank higher in NYC and Google Map.

1. Should I have the site to use .nyc extension to fully benefit from the location specific extension? Or can I still use .com extension as the main, and forward .nyc to .com and still benefit from the location specific .nyc extension for the local search results and Google Map?

2. I also purchased weddingcaterer.nyc domain because "wedding", "caterer" and "nyc" are all my target keywords and it could perform better than my full name. Let's say "Wedding Caterer NYC" has high volume of searches monthly.

But the problem is, weddingcaterer.nyc does not have my business name in the address and too generic. So, again, I'm wondering, if forwarding weddingcaterer.nyc to mynamecatering.com would be beneficial for local search engine results and Google Map?

Any knowledge would be highly appreciated. Thanks!
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