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I'm pretty sure each one here is either running a Facebook Page, or has come across a Facebook Page, for a business. Here are some ways to increase engagement, and get those people to take action.

Upload your videos directly to Facebook
Instead of uploading to another site (say, YouTube), uploading your video on Facebook increases the change it will get watched as followers scroll through your feed. Plus, you can monetize your videos on Facebook Watch via ad breaks.

Use Facebook Live
Particularly useful when attending a trade show, Facebook Live lets you connect to your audience live and in real-time. What's more, your audience can also comment in real-time.

Post exclusive content
Nothing beats exclusivity by uploading content that's Facebook-only. This way, non-followers who happen to see your content will be directed to your page and take action.
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    If you use an attractive thumbnail in Facebook videos you can also increase the engagement.
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    Why is everyone so focused on facebook pages instead of groups?
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      Originally Posted by mylastvacation View Post

      Why is everyone so focused on facebook pages instead of groups?
      Because "Groups" is a method that is used to bring traffic to your main feed where you can then further share without group rules and regulations the message you want to get across.

      Instead of dropping / spamming your message in groups, I suggest you drop insightful meaningful content that people might find of interest in reading. The interest helps in creating "Authority" and with that people will want to look at your feed where you can then hook them on further content ( so they subscribe to you ) and then this also gives you the opportunity to present an offer or 2.

      Just what I do anyways...
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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  • Another way to get followers to engage on your facebook fanpage, is to offer something of high value for free to your followers, in exchange for likes and post shares generated by them.

    You can also simply ask in your videos for the viewers to like and share your videos to their status updates. People take action when you give them proper instructions to follow.
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    Facebook pages are good for business only. But right now Facebook Groups doing extremely well to connect with a lot of like-minded people and build your own audience.
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    I get more traffic from facebook groups than facebook pages.
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    Facebook pages are good for business, right now join Facebook Groups.
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    I have distilled a more effective method
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    am trying to get the best way of creating a powerful engagement on Facebook but don't know how to go about it. can someone tell me how?
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    Our content should be genuine, short and to the point. What we post should relate correctly.
    Talking about the posts, we should note the correct time to post so that it could reach the people at the perfect time.
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