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I am a content creator with about 10 articles on my portfolio. Not much, i know.
I work for a company who is assigning me random jobs to create content for gaming websites and sport betting site.
The content is in German and i am a pretty good writer. Not much professional experience, but it is good enough to provide good quality.

My questions are:

1. They pay me 0.02$ per word and articles are usually about 1000 words long. Is that normal or am i underpaid (i do this as a sideline since living from it wouldn't be possible)

2. Am i required to edit my articles as of the clients request? Am i going to charge for the editing?

Thanks in advance for your inputs.
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    To answer your questions:

    1. That's about $20 US per article - not bad for a brand new writer. As a writer you set your fees but if you have someone paying you while you are learning, not a bad deal. As you gain customers and experience - you can charge more. Also you can write articles (without waiting to be hired to do it) on different topics (may be good to have topics/niches you specialize in) - writing with different styles/voices, etc just to add to your portfolio.

    2. Edits are part of the initial fee in most cases. It depend on WHY edits are needed. Is it to correct the writing/spelling/grammar/etc - or to totally change the article? Best goal for a writer is to deliver work that needs NO edits. An 'edit' would be corrections and minor changes....if a buyer asks for total 'rewrites' that might involved additional charges. Depends on circumstances.

    As a 'content creator' your work will be worth what someone is willing to pay for it. What buyer are willing to pay is based on quality of your writing but also on how easy and professional you are to work with.
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      Thanks Kay,

      this is some very valuable information. It still takes me 2-3 hours for a 1000 word article, especially since it includes a lot of research but i guess that number comes down once i have more experience.

      Appreciate your input!
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    I use a USA based service. Below are their content types and fees. I've always been completely satisfied with their content.

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    What you are being paid is good for a writer beginning his carrier.
    If you are required to edit the content on the basis of the request made by the client then I suggest you charge for it.
    Because if are adding value to the business of the client then you should be paid for it.
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    Try Steady Content. $40 for 2,000 word article.
    Sample email from them:

    This is an automated email to let you know that there are 198 assignments available
    to write.

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