What Is the Hottest Market for Selling My Online Motivational Posters?

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I have created some motivational scripture-based posters that
I feel are both beautiful and powerful. What market should
I target?

humble man
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    I think you should get involved in motivational groups and build some engagement. Even though you might feel that your product is beautiful and powerful your customer might feel completely different .Start polling and or surveying people so that you can get feed back .
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    If it was me I would look for Facebook groups about motivational stuff, quotes, the law of attraction, etc... Then I would give a sample away and get them on my email list. Then I would follow up and suggest they would want to buy my posters or get on some sort of daily motivational membership site...
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    Originally Posted by humble man View Post

    I have created some motivational scripture-based posters that
    I feel are both beautiful and powerful. What market should
    I target?

    humble man
    So I am assuming you have stacks of posters sitting around, and you are wondering WHERE to sell them?

    Pick one any one... actually pick 3 or 4, if you have the quantities to back it up. I would start with facebook market space and include in your listing that you will ship for $X.XX any where in the continental USA ( presuming that's where you live ) and then you can accept payment through paypal.

    From there I would probably list on eBay ( check out my thread here: https://www.warriorforum.com/warrior...days-ebay.html for some of the methods and technics I used to do that. )

    I would start posting like a mug on Instagram and have the eBay store linked in your bio. Somewhere in that mess of a thread ( its long ) I bring up how you can get access to a link that when used to buy an item removes the 10% eBay seller fee. I will go look for it later, and if I cant find it Ill make a specific post about that ( I have been using this a lot lately ) and I insert the link in here somewhere.

    So Facebook, Ebay, and Instagram.. those would be the online positions I would start with. OFFLINE would be looking to see if there are any "Christian Stores" or Small non Corp book store in your area, and bring samples to these store and see if you can work out a consignment type deal?

    Depending on a whole lot of factors.. you might consider framing some of these and see if that helps ( especially with the offline methods )

    At an amount of "Scale" ( depending on how many you have ) you might consider entering into the world of Amazon at a later point

    Hope that Helps!
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    Try some motivational groups on facebook or find someone who runs a motivational page on Instagram. They would probably help advertise it.
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