Social media inconsistency ruins your business

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Social media is fueled by algorithms, and consistency is what grows every marketer's audience. Like a broken record, consistency increases your reach and traction among your audience.

Consistent content
Don't just randomly upload stuff as you desire. Strategize what sort of content you're uploading on a Monday, Tuesday, etc. Bear in mind that your utmost goal is to be relevant and authentic so share what's relatable, or something you intrinsically know. Now of course your post should contain accurate information. Don't just make up things as you go. Fact-check every shareable news article you come across.

Consistent tone and voice
Your tone should match the audience you're targeting. Are you sharing to millennials? Gen Xs? Boomers? Use the appropriate vernacular and jargon to the appropriate audience.

Consistent design and aesthetics
If you don't have a visual identification guideline, better start creating one. Having a visual identity system enforces whatever graphic schemes you have across all communication medium, and lets your brand be known as "hey that's the new SEO programme I saw on Warrior Forum.". Use the appropriate colours and photos too.
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