freeby ebook for opt-in, follow up emails with no end product yet, options?

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I'm writing a short ebook that I will give away for free in exchange for signing up on my newsletter, the long term plan is to create a bigger ebook for sale and promoting in the follow up emails.

But since I dont have the product ready yet I dont really know what to write in the follow up emails, should I just write some weekly advice in there and change the mails when I have the product ready? ( there are no affilite product I can promote in this niche either )

Any advice?
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    Do you have a destination in mind for your online business? If you have nothing to offer a 'list' - why build one? If you have a 'short ebook' in process - focus on finishing it and THEN on list building. However, building a list with the goal of selling one product (longer ebook) that has not yet been not a great plan.

    You posted earlier this month that you have 'only 2 posts' on your blog but had ideas for 30 more many posts are on your blog now? Are you getting email signups? Where are they coming from?

    WHY is this the 'right niche' for you? Can it become a profitable niche...or not? What do you have to offer others interested in this niche - and are there enough 'others' to justify the niche? If there are 'no products' in a niche....that is often a sign of no buyers in the niche.

    You have posted about 'trying IM' years ago - and I applaud you for giving it another 'go' - but do it better. Have goals and plans and KNOW whether you are in a viable niche or not. Otherwise, you risk the same lack of results you had before.

    Good luck to you.
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      Hi, well to put it simply: the plan is to create a lot of quality content, traffic through seo and other traffic options. The niche is profitable, but I feel like I'm in the start up phase.
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