How to attract more Instagram users

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Looking to grow your business Instagram following? Here are some of my techniques.

Use clear photos
And this is particularly true when you happen to be active on Stories. Don't upload pixelated or poorly composed photos. They repel audience.

Experiment with filters
Don't limit to just one filter on VSCO. Yes, that popular photography app has a paid subscription which unlocks access to premium filters unavailable on the free mode. Filters are also a creative way to express various emotions and moods to your photo upload.

Gain critical insights from analytics
Because you run a business Instagram account, you have access to Instagram Analytics which shows various data about your audience including when they're most active - best time to upload that Boomerang or announce your weekly deal.

Tag relevant accounts
This especially works when you are just starting out, and you'd like to expose your account and you're not ready to pay for a sponsored post just yet. You can tag relevant accounts who happen to interact with your business, in your posts so they get recognized. More recognition = more followers.

Include a CTA
Urge your audience to take action. It could be as simple as telling them to like your post, or maybe share them to their own IG story, or maybe visit your website. It could also be something like including a "link in bio" in your post caption which compels your audience to visit your profile. Experiment with different Instagram CTA techniques.
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    that are good ideas.
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  • Forums are really very useful thing because we can find or ask our desired information related to any thing and can learned the procedure to use any thing. Thanks to you for sharing your idea that how we can attract the more users of instagram. These above all ideas are very useful to attract any user.
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    By adding attractive images and posts.
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    I'm doing everything that you've mentioned on this list. But I'm not really seeing organic results (for better results I have to run ad campaigns).
    Organically, I've gotten around 60 followers in a month.
    Do you have any other suggestions?
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      have you ever tried participating in a loop giveaway?
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        Not yet, I've heard that people participate in giveaways from fake accounts. So I'm doubtful of this strategy.
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    Definitely a solid starting point for sure.
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  • With content, post related hashtag and follow the accounts related your posts.
    2.Picture quality

    Read most searchable blogs about Instagram growing.

    Best Wishesh
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    The quality of the photos matters and so as the description with an appropriate hashtags.
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    Do some paid promotions to get more followers
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    Hope these would work for me as well.
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    I've never used Instagram before but I've always considered it, especially with all the influencers on there. Your post is much appreciated and will help when I finally make that leap.
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    Amazing ideas!!
    You have shared the valuable information about How to attract more Instagram users. Keep sharing
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    The general top thing for my opinion is the professional look of instagram. When a user checks a instagram, they will love or go away depending on what to show on the instagram page.
    To do that, introduction of the page is good short, but good.
    Second one is quality, quality and quality of photos. Instagram is not a bin to put all of rubbish photos unless you do not want more followers.
    Upload frequently with nice photos! (small extra tip is that, if you do not have nice photo, you can repost by download attractive photo - using this to download easily), then repost it with useful hashtags that relatives with the topic of your instagtram page.
    However, notice the copyright when you repost a photo!
    Good luck!
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    Me what i dont understand its where we can get some traffic ? Because everywhere i try to put a link instagram disable it .So does anyone knows where i can put my website link on instagram

    Admin note: Affiliate links are not allowed in paid user sigs

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      Originally Posted by spartan14 View Post

      Me what i dont understand its where we can get some traffic ? Because everywhere i try to put a link instagram disable it .So does anyone knows where i can put my website link on instagram

      in your instagram bio you can put a link to your website.
      this is the only link which is allowed on instagram

      and then you can get traffic to this link when you attract enough people to visit your profile
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    Hi! Really great info. Also, I believe that photos and filters are not all what we should do. Nowadays, great text content is crucial.
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    You need to post daily with quality content and use the most popular hashtags for your niche. Also remember to follow others.
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    Avoid using any "auto-posting" software. Taking your time and building organically will pay off in the long run.
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