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Hello all, thanks in advance for any help. I have several websites hosted via Hostgator and over time they have all dropped completely out of google's index. None of them were big players in terms of SEO or massive content but still, to have all of them drop out completely is odd.

So after some digging I realized every one of my sites returns a noindex and nofollow tag when checked using multiple tools. I am here because I know very little about this stuff but I can assume this is not ideal correct? I have a mix of wordpress sites and simple html sites and they all return these same tags and I cannot figure out how to get rid of them or even if they are the real problem. For example here is an ultra simple site with one index.html page that returns a noindex and nofollow tag. One online tool displayed an error as follows if that helps: HTTP/1.1 406 Not Acceptable

I have tested domains from different registrars and they all share this problem so it must be the host. But when I contacted Hostgator they were pretty incompetent and did not resolve it.

Is this actually a problem or is there some other reason they would be dropped from the index? How do I get rid of these tags if they are the problem? I have otherwise been happy with hostgator but this is not going to work if I can't get my sites indexed at all.
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    Why would an unsecure page containing one word be indexed?

    How do I fix Error 406?
    How to Fix It? Disabling mod_security for each of your domains individually or disabling certain rules in Mod_security will help fix the error. If your hosting account comes with cPanel, the easiest way to turn off mod_security is via the modsec Manager plugin. Alternatively, you can use command line in SSH
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      This is just an example to show that even a non-wordpress site with no tinkering at all is showing a noindex tag. I don't expect it to be indexed, but I have other sites that used to be indexed and now are not and they all show the tag too. Why is that tag there and what is generating it? Thanks again for any info.

      My site does have cpanel but I cannot find any modsec security plugin in the main screen.
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    OK, thanks everyone for the info. Much appreciated.
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