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hi warriors, i am new here. i'm very much interested in internet marketing but i don't really know where to start from. i found affiliate marketing as one of the models to follow but i am confuse if i can start without a website. pls i need your help and advice, if i must start with having a website, can i do it with automated website tools or must i hire a programmer?
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  • Hi Emmanuel. Welcome to Warrior Forum and to the world of internet marketing !

    Glad that you already an idea how you would like to get into Internet Marketing. Yes, Affiliate Marketing is one of the simplest ways to kickstart. Whether or not, you need a website to do Affiliate Marketing (AF) depends on how you would want to strategize your AF business.

    It is good to have a website or squeeze page (1-page website) to get the email of your respondents. The emails that you collate through people responding to your promotion effort, be it by online advertising, FB posts, Instagram posts or any other sources of promotion, will lead a list of contacts/emails that you could keep in contact with your respondents through e-mail marketing that also helps in your AF business.

    You may but I don't think it would be necessary to get a programmer to do a website for you as it may be rather costly and any form of guidance is only limited to matters relating to the website. There are website tools that help you to create a 1-page website aka squeeze page.

    You may also start your own blog or Fan Page and drive the people to your blog instead of a website. This may be simpler. However, you have to update your blog or Fan Page regularly to retain your presence and keep your followers updated and interested while at the same time finding value in reading your blog or Fan Page.

    Hope this helps you get started. Lastly, do remember that Internet Marketing is a journey as I have been through it and still learning everyday. Patience, consistency and methodology are key to a successful Internet marketing or specifically, Affiliated Marketing.

    All the best and good luck, Dude :-)
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      thanks so much, i am so proud of you. this surely will help me and i will be working it out right away
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      • My pleasure to share, Emmanuel. I am glad that I have given you some ideas on how to go about doing so. Enjoy the journey and I am sure we learn something in every obstacle that comes in between our goal so PRESS ON !
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    Hey welcome to the world of IM. One year ago I was in your shoes!

    Personally I started with learning WordPress AND THEN decided to get into IM, so I was already committed to using a website. However, you really don't need one to get started.

    One way you can make money affiliate marketing without a website is by making YouTube videos. You can include affiliate links in the descriptions, and a lot of affiliate marketers actually focus on YouTube over blogs/other platforms. I recently ranked an affiliate review on page 1 of Google, but my video review isn't ranking on YouTube because it's more competitive.

    Which brings me to my second point, which is that from my experience it's easier to make money marketing your own services and finding clients than it is to make money affiliate marketing when you're starting out.

    That might seem counter intuitive, especially with all the gurus out there telling you how easy affiliate marketing is, but think about it this way: there are tons of new business owners getting started every day, and most of them have no idea how to market anything. They need your help, and most pro marketers won't offer to help them because they can get better clients.

    Affiliate marketing on the other hand can be very competitive. Yes you can get paid a sweet commission for something as simple as a click, but there are hundreds/thousands/hundreds of thousands of others out there trying to get folks to click on their version of the same link.

    If you do want to go the website affiliate marketing route, I recommend learning WordPress. That way you can make all the websites you need at low cost, and it's pretty easy to learn.

    Anyway, I rambled a bit, but I hope that helped. Best of luck!
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    thanks, i appreciate your advice. really happy this is coming from someone who was once in the situation i am now, hope soon i will be able to help others, thanks once more.
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    It all depends on if you have money to invest or not. If you have no money to invest I suggest you get a job or start as a freelancer until you do.

    If you have some money to invest there are systems available you can plug into that include sales funnels, autoresponders, ads, etc.. Then your job is simply to drive traffic to your link.

    Traffic is key to any online venture. If you don't know how to generate targeted traffic it doesn't matter what kind of set-up you have, you will earn nothing.
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    You have to have a solid foundation first. Do your research, pick niche, create a website, campaign, SMM, and make use of any tools at your disposal like webtrafficgeeks or anything else. This is needed to convince google and users that you are worth their time
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    If you are just starting out I would recommend to focus only on free organic traffic to your affiliate offers. Create a high quality article with affiliate links on your website that solves a problem and share it on social media, forums or question & answer sites like Quora. If you do this consistently you should be able to make some sales.

    Once you have the budget, you can start investing in doing SEO and more content to scale your traffic. By sharing your content on other website, you are technically also doing some SEO in the process. However, don't expect quick result with free traffic. It can take up to 6 months to a year to get some traction but it is worth the effort if you want a long term online income.

    And also start with a niche that you think you can do for long term, preferably in the health, wealth or relationship.
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      thank for sharing this with me, it's really helpful
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        Originally Posted by emmanuel george View Post

        thank for sharing this with me, it's really helpful
        Hi there, please use the "Quote" function so we know who you're responding to.

        You can conduct affiliate marketing without your own website this way:

        1) Pick your target market and offer. The target market is out there somewhere online, and this is called your traffic source. The offer is posted by someone else, who offers an affiliate program (could be on Clickbank, could be a makeup producer, as examples). They have the sales page, not you, so this is why you don't need a website. This is actually the most difficult part of the process because there needs to be a great match.

        2) Get an autoresponder (mailchimp, aweber, activecampaign, mailerlite etc.). This is where you'll collect the names and email addresses of people who sign up to learn more about your offer. Make a signup page in the autoresponder for your offer, ie. "To learn more sign up here."

        3) Make a way to get people from the traffic source to your autoresponder signup page. This could be social media posting, videos, other methods.

        4) Show people who sign up a series of emails from your autoresponder, in which you explain/educate/warm up these folks to be buyers.

        5. Give these folks your affiliate link to go check out the sales page once you believe they're warmed up (say starting after 2-3 emails.) You share the link several times over several emails, not just once. People may 'hop' more than once, because they're not ready to buy or in a position to read the sales page yet on the first hop...but then may buy on the second or third or even fourth click.

        As you see, IM takes several skill sets and PERSISTENCE.

        You could simplify this to a direct affiliate link from social media posting, as an example, but as a 25-year veteran copywriter interviewed by Glazer Kennedy, I think that's dumb. That's a failure to capture the lead you fought so hard to generate... so you lose any chance to repeatedly get the offer in front of them... track behavior... find out what might have gone wrong... and more.
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    there are so many way to make money from online.
    most of the populer passive way to make money from online is:freelancing,blogging,email marketing,affiliate marketing.

    freelancing is one of the most populer way to make money from online.
    you can moke money from it as a designer,dighital marketer,writer..
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      it is true, thank you so much. doing some research in all these.
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    Sure, the website availability is not a required item in affiliate marketing.
    You can add:
    • videos on your youtube channel,
    • articles on your blog,
    • posts and comments on social networks,
    • feedbacks to the issue-related questions, etc.
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      Read that thread. It breaks things down quite nicely.
      Read Savidge4's post on that thread (#8).
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  • Originally Posted by emmanuel george View Post

    hi warriors, i am new here. i'm very much interested in internet marketing but i don't really know where to start from. i found affiliate marketing as one of the models to follow but i am confuse if i can start without a website. pls i need your help and advice, if i must start with having a website, can i do it with automated website tools or must i hire a programmer?
    Affiliate marketing is only one of the many models that you can use to make money online. Yes, you can start without a website. However, you will have better success if you have a landing page to capture leads (people interested in your offer) and then direct the traffic to the affiliate offer. People don't usually buy as soon as they see an offer. So, it is good to build a mailing list (which you can do by setting up a landing page and integrating it with an email autoresponder) so that you can follow up with those leads (with a good email sequence) until they buy your offer or other related offers.

    You don't need to hire a programmer to do this. I use a platform (Builderall) that allows you to create landing pages with a simple to use drag and drop landing page/website builder. It also comes with an autoresponder that you can easily integrate with your landing page.
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    Originally Posted by emmanuel george View Post

    hi warriors, i am new here. i'm very much interested in internet marketing but i don't really know where to start from. i found affiliate marketing as one of the models to follow but i am confuse if i can start without a website. pls i need your help and advice, if i must start with having a website, can i do it with automated website tools or must i hire a programmer?

    I'm giving you a golden tip you should follow directly.

    Start blogging.
    You may think now: Lol? I don't know anything and I don't have experience or know what to write about.

    However you don't NEED to know something right now in order to do that. All you need to do is publish a blog post once a week and just document and write down what you did last week, which information you read, which video you watched, what was new for you, what you learned about it etc.

    If you are consistently doing this every week , you will have and establish something which is only yours and which is unique and which is something what other newbies would love to read about over time.

    Oh and its actually very easy to get a website. All you need is a domain name -> easy to purchase and very straight forward. and then you need hosting.

    I started my own blog very recently a few months ago and it was also new to me. I purchased hosting from a company called interserver and they were pretty nice to me and also installed wordpress very quick and helped me doing this stuff.

    and then you can start your affiliate marketing journey.

    Don't do the following mistakes or you end up like me and lose over $3000 trying to make money with affiliate marketing:

    - don't believe ANY claims beeing made of fast and easy and quick money EVER
    - never buy any products just because someone is offering you a 'cool' bonus for it. look closely if the product itself is worth it
    - never buy a software which is helping you to rank or generates followers or does some other magical bs before you know EXACTLY what you want to promote

    - Don't get distracted by emails in your inbox promoting the next shiny object
    - NEVER GIVE UP on something where you know and SEE that others have success with it and jump to the next idea instead
    - Don't waste your time by watching youtube videos teaching you 'how to make $100 a day by copy and pasting/ by typing/ by reading or whatsoever-> It's a waste of your time

    These are just some of the mistakes I personally did.

    However another main thing you should avoid right from the start: Not focusing and developing your mindset.
    This is very very important. Mindset is the only difference between those people who fail and those who succeed.

    And please only promote products which are also offering a high-ticket premium product within the sales funnel otherwise it will be extremly hard to be in profit in the long run.

    Good Luck :-)
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      this is great, what i like about your advice is that it is sincere and raw, thanks.
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    Hi Emmanuel

    Always write a convincing message to make yourself well-known to others.

    Let them know what you are offering- Headline.
    How will it be useful to them - the body of the message
    What they should do next- CTA ( Call to Action)

    By following these steps, you will be able to compose effective messages that will attract your visitors.
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    You have to own a solid foundation initial. Do your analysis, pick niche, produce a web site, campaign, SMM, and create use of any tools at your disposal like webtrafficgeeks or anything. this is often required to convert google and users that you simply ar value their time
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    Smm marketing, Email Marketing, Seo
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    Emmanuel. There are plenty of platforms, which allow you to make a web site without a developer. For example wix, tilda publishing, vigbo, ecwid, insales, etc.

    If you want to get a bit more hard staff, you can use some hosting providers, which for some payment will give you pre-configured web site, which you can change on your own needs.

    And as a third option, you can make a web site even in Microsoft word, also I don't recommend you to go that way.

    Regarding developer I would say this. Developers can be needed for cases when standard out of the box staff will not satisfy your needs.
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