When to use landing page?

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It's still confusing for me to know when to use landing page, in affiliate programs I find some landing page which land directly to the payment(calling it landing page), others with a funnel, and I don't know when to add another layer (page) or not, is there any rule of thumb?
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    It can be confusing and it is difficult to answer your questions without
    knowing what you are referring to. Much depends upon the type of
    products you are linking to and whether they are physical, digital,
    or service-based. Landing pages/funnel systems can have endless
    possibilities and there are no hard and fast rules so it is important to
    try different methods until you figure out what works for you. The most
    important thing is that you get people to click your affiliate links and
    complete their purchase so that you will get paid.
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    It can be confusing but your on the right track so don't think that your completely lost.

    So a landing page is just that, a landing page. A page that a person lands on. Nothing more or less.

    Now you can have multiple landing pages for different things. For Instance...
    • A home page
    • A pricing page
    • A blogs page
    • A info page
    • Etc.

    Now a funnel is just a sales process from gaining awareness of your desired audience all the way to when they buy the product or service your selling.

    Now what your probably getting confused with is a drip sequence. This uses both the funnel sales process and landing pages. This is normally done through email. You collect an email by having your targeted audience opt-into receiving something and that's the start of the drip. Now your the one in control of the direction they will go.

    I hope this cleared up a lot of confusion between pages and funnels.

    If your needing help automating your email marketing go check out https://www.36966.xyz/recommends/creators-network/
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    The term "landing page" is often misused and misunderstood.

    Just set-up your sales funnel in the best configuration for your particular promotion and pay little attention to titles.
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    Thank you guys, this is insightful
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    There is no real "set" method or rule. Try a funnel or a direct landing page, you should be able to get the results using those from there.
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