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Hi there everyone,

This is my first post at Warrior Forum. I would like to share and ask for some advice.

About 10 months ago I purchased an expired domain form a friend of mine. The domain is good (SEO metrics). My aim behind purchasing the domain is to rebuild the website with fresh articles/contents

I posted around 15-20 new articles and 2-3 articles ranked in Google's top results. I am getting 20-25 uniques per day. I have done some common On-Page and did nothing with the Off-page. This are the current stats of my blog.

The expired domain had more than 100 pages and the powerful links are pointed to those pages.
Right now I am thinking to work on the redirection.

I would like to share what I have planned,

Let's say, is the expired domain. The domain was on
When I registered the domain I registered with the (Currently using the SSL)

Because the blog had 100+ 404 links (dead posts but still has the powerful links pointing to them) that's why I want to take advantage of those dead pages (404 links)

Now, I want to create a resource page where I am going to redirect all those links (dead pages). Later I will add my targeted pages within the resource page to get the SEO juice.

I have some questions:
1. Does this idea make any sense?
2. Should I use any cPanel modification (editing the .htaccess. I checked some articles where they are talking about the rewrite codes. Regarding http to https)
3. If my idea does not sound good then what should I do to get the link juice. My budget is initial. Can't afford to write up those 100+ posts right now.

What should be the solution for me right now?

I will really appreciate this and thankful If anyone has any solution or advice for me. I am actually not experienced with rebuilding and growing an expired domain.

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    Hello TubeLight,

    You seem to have some really good ideas but I feel that you are
    over-complicating things. Since you have had the domain for ten
    months is it still considered an expired domain. I would suggest
    you add as much content as you can to your website, including
    what your friend had developed, you can always rewrite/enhance
    what he has already done. I would recommend that you post this
    in the SEO forum, those experts would be better able to answer
    your concerns.

    Good luck with your website!
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      Thanks for the feedback. As I am a new member to the forum I have some limitations regarding posting. I am just thinking I should take some actions/steps on my own rather than waiting.
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